Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hurricane Ernesto Day

Well! Hurricane Ernesto was certainly a joke! But something really magical happened instead - this mother Muscovy hatched 3 babies this morning! Turns out the nest was under the shrubs in our front garden. When we found the nest, we could peek at it through the library window. There were 10 eggs that were unhatched and 1 that was partly open, so apparently only these 3 were viable.

Mom ate some bread with the other ducks, then went back to the nest, but she wasn't there more than an hour or so before she set out with her 3 little ducklings and went across the lake to who-knows-where. I'm sure she won't go far, but my guess is she is not returning to this nest as there are unhatched and partly-hatched eggs there.

These 3 little ones are so adorable, and we all feel honored that the mom felt safe enough to have her eggs next to our house. Now that we know, we can keep an eye out for more.

The other 9 babies at the other pond are thriving and growing! Their mom's leg is almost well now. She has done such a terrific job raising them under adverse conditions. I did notice as they were walking across the grass that one of the babies was hopping like the mom did when she was injured! Posted by Picasa


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