Monday, April 16, 2007

Artist Trading Cards

I've just recently learned of Artist Trading Cards - what a wonderful concept! It's a small way for artists to display their art, and to trade information with other artists, either printed or digitally. They are not mass-produced, usually just one or a very limited number.

I recently found this wonderful doll template by Maya at, and I think she is a wonderful way to start out my ATC. I don't think I will call her Sherry, I think I will call her Fred, which is a pet nickname that one of Rachel's friends gave me.

Hope you like her!

Credits: Doll template by Maya at, green paper background and red paper dress by Misty Cato, Starting in Style, ribbon by Clohie Watkins Smell of Spring from SBP, yellow bow by DigiDiva Garden Camo from SBP, bird by Silvia Romeo Arabesque Add-On Green from SBP.


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