Sunday, March 23, 2008

Almost Not Easter!

It's so late, by the time I get this posted it will probably be after Easter is already gone! But that's okay - it was a wonderful Easter! Rachel was with her dad, so the Easter bunny just skipped our house altogether, sadly. It was a bit cloudy at sunrise, but the sun came up brightly just a bit later, and the morning was glorious!

We went to Miriam and Bear's house for Easter dinner, and of course Miriam outdid herself! She made it a cookout - grilled burgers and some sort of amazing Bratwurst things, baked beans made from scratch, 2 kinds of potato salad. I helped - I cut up the cantalope and watermelon, but I don't think anybody even ate that. Probably if she had cut them up, they would have been gone! In case you have not heard me rant and rave, my best friend Miriam is the best cook in the entire world.

Also in attendance were Dale and Brenda and their adorable little Zachary. It was Zach's first Easter. Miriam had bought him a chocolate bunny because she said all babies should have pictures with chocolate on their faces for their first Easter. It took him a while to figure out what to do with it, but with Dad's help, he finally got it down. See this!

Here is my latest layout for the Amazing DigiScrap Race. We were supposed to do a layout about a memorable trip, and this was certainly a memorable one for me. You can read the journaling below the picture.

The first Christmas after we moved to Florida, Eric and I went home to Oklahoma for just a short visit. Our flight home had a connection through St. Louis. We checked the weather, and there did not seem to be any bad weather forecast. I didn’t want to have to drag my coat around while trying to keep up with Eric, so I packed it in the suitcase. Eric had received the jacket and boots you see in this picture as a gift for Christmas, and they weren’t coming off him for anything, so that was his attire. As we were getting ready to leave, Mom asked me if I needed money - I had $10, and I couldn’t imagine I’d even need that, so I told her no, that I was okay.

By the time we got to St. Louis, it was snowing very hard, The monitor in the terminal said our flight was on time, though, so we hopped on the next plane and settled in. Turns out we sat there for almost 3 hours, watching the snow turn into sleet, watching the huge de-icing machines move from plane to plane, and finally came the dreaded announcement that the airport had been closed due to the weather. We were told to go to the ticket counter at the gate and they would arrange for hotel rooms for us. Eric was so excited - “I want to ride the sidewalks, Mommy!” He loved the moving sidewalks in airports.

When we got off the plane, I realized just how bad this was going to be. Every counter at every gate had a line that was hundreds of people long. I had a wildman 2-year-old who’d been cooped up on planes for hours, and all he wanted to do was to ride sidewalks. The phones in the airport were out (and this was LONG before the days of cell phones!), so I couldn’t even call Brett or Mom. “I want to ride the sidewalks, Mommy!” he kept saying. I finally decided that we might as well do that, it certainly wasn’t going to help to try to stand in those lines until they got shorter. Oh, and by now it’s 10 o’clock at night.

So here we are, Eric and I, going from one sidewalk to the next. He was in absolute heaven, and all I wanted to do was sit in the floor and sob. Eric was wearing a sweat shirt that Mom had made him for Christmas that had his name embroidered on the back, and he looked so cute. We were in a sort of deserted area of the terminal when we heard someone say “Hey Eric!” We turned to look, and there was an airline employee going off duty, waving to him. We struck up a conversation, and when she learned that we had not yet gotten a room, she took us to an empty counter and set us right up. Wow, I thought, this is getting better! She told us there would be a bus that would take us to the hotel, and told us where we would wait to catch it. She even gave me extra diapers, what a relief!

Could things get worse? Yes. It’s 18 degrees, snowing like crazy and so windy, and the place we were supposed to wait for the bus was not at all sheltered from the weather. I had no coat, and Eric was only dressed a little bit warmer. I took his socks off so he could put them over his hands, and we stood and waited for the bus...and waited...and waited...and waited. Other buses came with other numbers, but not ours. There was a pilot waiting the same place we were (along with a bunch of other people!), and he offered to let Eric snuggle into his big wool coat with him. Eric would have none of that though - cold or not, this guy was a stranger, and he wasn’t going to get that close to a stranger!

We watched the buses pass by, but not the one we needed. After about half an hour, Eric took my hand, looked into my eyes, and said “Mommy, we need to get on the bus.” I tried to explain to him we were waiting for one particular bus, but that did not matter - he apparently thought I’d lost my mind. “Mommy, we NEED to get on the BUS right now!!!” If I hadn’t been frozen to death, I would have laughed. I was afraid to cry for fear my face would freeze solid!

We probably waited for close to an hour before our bus came. I still had not been able to call anyone in my family, and I knew they would be frantic. The last straw was when we got to the hotel, and they would not turn the phone on in my room because I didn’t have a credit card or $50 to give them for a deposit for the phone.

In the end, Eric went to sleep, I snuck out to the lobby to call home, and we lived through the night. They even put us in first class the next day for our flight home, which Eric loved. All I wanted was to be done with this trip. And when we finally landed in Orlando, I really wanted to kiss the ground!


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