Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Last night was a wonderful night! Rachel's Musical Theater class put on a production of Annie (actually called Annie Jr. - it included all the music but just enough of the lines to advance the plot). It was just amazing! There were over 100 kids in the production, and it was so well-organized, polished, and just downright wonderful! Rachel was an orphan, and a pretty darned cute one at that! This is a shot of her before the performance - she was collecting donations at the entrance to the performance, and I'm sure she did well with such a big bucket!

The girl who played Annie did a fantastic job, and she really looked the part, check her out:

But the undisputed star of the show was our very own Hannah, who has been Rachel's dear friend since they were only 3 years old. Hannah played Miss Hannigan, the headmistress of the orphanage, and let me tell you, she was absolutely amazing! She is such a great actress, and I had no idea her voice was so strong! They had microphones on Annie and Mr. Warbucks, but Miss Hannigan could probably be heard across town without a microphone - it was wonderful! Here's a shot of her with her flask, as Miss Hannigan loved her whiskey:

This picture is during the finale, and this is Hannah and her twin brother Matthew. Matthew, a wonderful actor himself, was the stage manager of this production, and he was out for the finale. He was so proud of his sister, and just before this shot he had leaned over and given her a peck on the cheek - it was so touching!

I have to say again what a wonderful production this was. Mrs. Brown, the chorus/musical theater instructor, is such a fantastic teacher, and she gives everything she has to these kids. We are so lucky to be in this wonderful school!

This picture was taken just as we were leaving - this is Rachel and her best friend Madison, who was also an orphan.


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