Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dreary Saturday

It's been so gray all day, spitting rain off and on. Nothing like the spring day of yesterday. But I had a glorious massage with Dan this morning, so my day has had a rosy tint despite the weather.

Rachel's with Brett this weekend, so it's been kind of quiet around here, except there were people here replacing the rotted-out beam on our back porch, and they were making plenty of noise - plus Luckie barking his head off at the intruders. The beam looks good - I'm so glad it got fixed, because it just stood out like a sore thumb the way it was. Tomorrow we are going to Miriam and Bear's house for an Easter cookout. I had hoped Rachel would join us, but I think she is going to stay at her cousin's tomorrow.

I am participating in a digital scrapbooking event called The Amazing Digi-Scrap Race, which is loosely based on The Amazing Race on television. I will try to post the first 6 layouts I did, but this one is for challenge #7. This was really a challenge - there was a list of the exact number and type of elements we had to use for the layout, but I think I have it all done right. It's not my favorite layout I ever did, but it didn't turn out too bad:

Here's what the journaling says - the challenge was to write a letter to our 16-17 year-old self.

Dear Sherry at 17,
Hey, you know that thing you are worried
about? The thing about bringing babies into
this world when there are so many problems
everywhere? Well, I’m writing you from
the future, the year 2008, and I just want
you to know that you can quit worrying.
Yes, the world has problems, and I won’t
lie to you, they are going to get worse than
you can even imagine. But the babies are
going to come despite your brave resolutions -
believe me, they are hanging out in the
cosmos, just waiting for their chance to get
born. And you can also believe me when I
tell you that having them is going to be the
greatest joy in your life. You are strong
and wise already, and will become more so
as time goes by. You’ll teach these babies
just how to get by in the world, how to be
truly happy. So please don’t worry - just
sit back and enjoy the trip!
Love, Sherry of the Future


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