Friday, March 21, 2008

Same Time Next Year

Gee, how is it that I have not posted anything here for a year? Well, I won't make any rash promises, but it *is* Easter weekend, the time for rebirth - maybe my blog will be reborn too!!! LOL!

Here's a Spring ATC I made today. Definitely springtime here in Orlando!

I learned something very interesting today. Do you know how the date for Easter is set? I didn't until today. Easter is on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox - Vernal Equinox was March 20, Full Moon March 21, so Easter this year is March 23! This is the earliest date for Easter for the entire century - how about that?

Last night was a very big night for me! I got to see Jackson Browne in concert - he is my absolute favorite singer/songwriter ever. I think this is the 7th time I've seen him live. This was an amazing concert - it was at the King Center for Performing Arts in Melbourne, Florida, which is a very small venue, reminded me of a high school auditorium, but with amazing acoustics. This is his second solo acoustic tour, and it was a little like sitting in the living room with him and a few friends. Many of the songs he played were requests from the audience - he had a dialog going with the audience the whole time. He actually looks and sounds just like the Jackson I've always loved, except for one thing - he had a beard! It was gray and white, nothing like his hair color, which is still dark brown (and the same haircut he's always had!) I never really did get used to seeing him with the beard.

It would have been a great night to have a camera, as cameras were allowed. I had the camera in my phone, but it takes lousy pictures unless you were right up close. But here is one with me in front of the stage:

He had an electric piano that you can't really see in this picture, it's over on the right side. Then he had the chair and mike for playing guitar, and as you can see he had plenty of guitars! I enjoyed looking at them with the binoculars - they all looked like they had been loved a lot!

He played so many wonderful songs that I love. The only one I wanted to hear that he did not play is "For A Dancer," which is my favorite song of all songs. But I had a live version on my MP3 player, so we played it on the way home and pretended it was still the concert! He did play Rosie, and that is one of my favorites of his. He also played "Cocaine, the Rehab Version," which was great - some very funny parts, and some very serious reflections on the creativity that had been lost among the amazing group of musicians that he was a part of in the 70s. He ended the concert with "Take It Easy," and that was the perfect touch.

So David went with me - his first time to see JB, and he enjoyed himself a lot. We had dinner at Carabba's first, which was delicious. After the concert, David bought me a tour T-shirt that is just great - it is made from 100% bamboo! I had never seen bamboo fabric, but this shirt is as soft as your favorite old t-shirt that has been around forever, it's just new. Very classy!

I'm feeling a bit sad tonight, missing my family. For some reason, Easter is a very hard holiday for me to be away from my family, probably because it was Easter of, I think, 1978 when I was first separated from my family on a major holiday. But David, Eric, Rachel and I make up a beautiful family and I would not trade it for anything!


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