Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Today is Wacky Wednesday at Digitals, and I bought several hybrid books, so hopefully I'll make them up for Christmas presents. I have one already, and want to do up a book for Johanna, our amazing real estate agent, of the ducks in our neighborhood that we love so much!

I've been feeling sort of yuck all day - had a flu shot yesterday, so either that has made me feel lousy, or it's all in my head, which is possible...LOL!

We had the house inspection yesterday for the house we have a contract on, and it went very very well, we were very excited! Now we will schedule the VA appraisal, and hope everything else goes well. I'm going to post the pix of the new house here so we can remember the day of the inspection!

This is the front of the house:

And this is the pool:

So, if you're reading this, all good thoughts are appreciated as we continue the process!

I have now completed my second week of Weight Watchers and have lost a total of 6.4 pounds....wheee! It's going well, although I've been hungrier the last few days than I was the first few days. I need to read up on the list of filling foods and eat more of those.

Rachel came home in better spirits today - her geometry teacher let them finish their test after saying she wasn't going to let them do that, so she was pleased with that. Her AP test was hard, she said, but she has a good idea of what to do for the next one. And she thought her Spanish test went very well! I know this year is much harder for her, with high school being a new experience, and being in the accelerated academic program she's in, but I know she can do it - we are so proud of her!

That's all for now, hopefully I'll write tomorrow!


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