Saturday, January 1, 2011

And A Great Big Ol' Welcome to 2011!

First off, I need to ask for something from my friends and loved ones. My sister Tamara is very ill and is in the hospital since Thursday night. She needs all the love and prayers we can send to her. I'd appreciate it if you'd take a moment and send some her way.

And now, here it is 2011! Here's my Project 365 picture:

This is the first picture of 2011, taken as we welcomed in the new year. Even though we are in Florida, we chose to ring in the New Year at 10:30, which is the time when St. John's, Newfoundland celebrates. My best sisterfriend Miriam's son and grandchildren live there, so we were celebrating with them. It worked out really well - we had our champagne and fireworks with Bear and Miriam, and then came home to watch the amazing Sea World fireworks from our back yard. Apparently they only put on the huge fireworks extravaganzas on New Year's and July 4th, because those are the only two times we've seen them, but wow, are they ever impressive! At least 10 minutes of nonstop gorgeousness!

So, there's my first Project 365 entry, YAY!!!

Next I want to share with you my first two pages for the Art Journal Caravan.

The first page is a letter to myself, something I'll read regularly to help keep me on track with the Caravan. Here's the text:

Dear Sherry,

There really was never a choice. As soon as the question was posed, “what word describes your goals for 2011?”, I knew that mine was Write. Just that word, write. Not some unreasonable goal to write the Great American Novel this year, or a certain number of words or time daily. Just Write.

I’ve put a couple of things into place that will help me accomplish this goal. One is this Art Journal Caravan. I will write here, but maybe not with a lot of words - or then again maybe I will use a lot of words, there is no right or wrong way to do it. I know if I do this on a weekly basis or more, I will learn so much about myself in the next year. So I can write about my heart and soul in the Art Journal Caravan, with complete permission, and without censorship, and with the condition that I don’t have to post something I’m uncomfortable with, that can remain private.

The other thing is that I am committed to Project 365. I want to post it on Facebook as well as blog about it on my blog. So whatever combination of that is the easiest to accomplish, that is another goal that will allow me to write - to carefully construct a snippet of my day that will help me reconstruct my path through this bright shiny year of 2011.

And then, beyond that, Sherry, you have full permission and encouragement to write at any time, in any place, using any method available to you. I have this really great idea - what if I used writing as a coping mechanism? If I’m stressed, angry, looking to eat when not hungry, cranky, or any other state of mind that I tend to react to negatively, what if I just sat down and wrote, about anything I wanted, nothing to be necessarily productive - just writing.

I can do this. I can keep it up. I can do it to the end, and be a more beautiful, stronger woman for it. Watch me fly!

Love, Sherry

I love this letter. I do think it will help me stay focused, and the rewards will be many. I used all these writing utensils to represent the fact that there are an unlimited number of ways that I can write. A stub of a pencil and an old napkin will do if all else fails...or if the laptop fails (NO NO NO!!!).

So here is the second AJC page:

Journaling reads:

"In 2010, my camel and I were just unable to hit our stride. This year I walked through the
bazaar hoping to find a camel that was a better match. Over to the side was this absolutely
gorgeous elephant. Hmmm, elephants can go on caravans too, right? Her handler said her
name was Jellie, and I knew in a flash she would be my perfect caravan companion. So that’s how Jellie and I got hooked up. I have a great feeling about this!"

Most of the Art Journal Caravaners are traveling by camel. But Sherry, ever the rebel, has chosen an elephant - partly because I LOVE elephants, and partly because I thought it would do the most to help me be successful in this journey. Last year I only made about 3 pages for this Caravan - not that I can blame it on the imaginary camel - LOL - but hey, any excuse for an elephant, right? And what can be better than an elephant named Jellie?

There's lots of symbolism for me in this layout. One thing is the blue feather near the middle of the right side of the page. That is an inspiration from "Illusions" by Richard Bach - the main character was trying to learn to materialize a blue feather. That's always been a special image for me.

If you're interested in the credits for these layouts, you can find them on my postings at Scrapbook Graphics:

So, that's it for the Art Journal Caravan today.

I'm going to close this out with a few special pictures. I should tell you that my darling husband was so sweet to buy me a tiny little point-and-shoot camera to help with my Project 365 goal, and I had an absolute blast with it yesterday! It won't be a replacement for my Canon Digital Rebel, but it's a whole different process, picking up such a small camera and snapping whatever picture is right there. I'm going to have a blast with it!

This is Luckie, our little Chiweenie (part dachshund, part chihuahua) blissing out with his chewie bone. We have trouble finding the ones that are the perfect size for him, but Santa was able to find a few, and you can see by the look on his face that the gift made him really happy!

Here's Rachel, getting ready to go to Maddi's to dress for Danielle's Sweet 16 party. She has her Publix Sweet Tea poured into a Diet Coke bottle, and she's wearing her fuzzy socks - I think she said they made her feel like a female version of Cookie Monster.

This is a picture of my dear friends Miriam and Bear. They are my Florida family. We've shared so many wonderful memories, and every time we are together it's the best time ever. That's who we shared our New Year's celebration with last night. Aren't they darling?

So I have to say goodbye before the picture because for some reason I can't type below the picture. Thanks for sticking through this long post! I wonder if I've ever blogged 2 days in a row? Wheee!!! Bye bye, love you all!!!!!


Brenda Hughes said...

Sherry- What wonderful goals for the new year! I look forward to reading your posts. Seeing New Years festivities makes me miss y'all all the more. Take care and hope to see you in March!!

Santa Claus said...

Congratulations on two days in a row. Only 363 more to go. I know you can do it. I love your posts and I love you.

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