Saturday, January 29, 2011

Art Journal Caravan Layouts

One of our prompts this week was "tiptoe." When I first read that, I thought of this song, and of my Uncle Scotty.  Tiny Tim was popular when I was in junior high.  And the thing is, up until that time I had thought my Uncle Scotty was very serious, very strait-laced.  So one of the years that Tiny Tim was popular, Uncle Scotty and Aunt Jo's Christmas card was a picture of my uncle dressed up as Tiny Tim - and there was a remarkable resemblance!  I guess that's when I started to realize that maybe he wasn't really a stuffy guy after all...LOL!  I didn't put all that on my scrapbook page, but that's definitely what jogged my memory with this prompt.  Click on the layout to see a larger version.

I saw another scrapper's layout in the Art Journal gallery using zetti characters, which reminded me I had a kit like that, and that led me to this layout.  You'll notice the word "wild" on my forehead - I have certainly have had my share of wild times in my life, and I seriously doubt they are over with, knowing me and my love of living out loud.  Oh, if my children only knew!  Also in the bottom right corner is a taco truck, which represents the Big Truck Taco truck, which represents the fact that big dreams can come true if you work hard for your goals.  I also like the parts that say "travel everywhere" and "I've been miles."  I have been miles....but I still have miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep.

This third layout was done on the same day as the other two above.  I really love the quote, and I certainly take it seriously, but I guess I was in such a zany mood after the last 2 layouts that I couldn't resist silliness for this one as well.  You'll notice the mannequin has her arm around Johnny Depp, and she's holding a picture of a really ugly guy.  Her maid is looking very distressed.  And although it might not be obvious, it's supposed to look like the bear at the top of the staircase kicked the other bear down, where he landed on his face - I stopped short of putting bloody splotches on his face...LOL!  I had great fun creating this!  So Johnny Depp is the one who you can give love to easily, and the picture, the maid and the bears are the ones to need it so much.

The last one was done today - it's a new week, with new journal prompts.  One of the prompts is "pause," and this is one of the suggested quotes.  I really like it a lot - I think we all need to be happy and not just always pursuing happiness - I think I do a reasonably good job of that from time to time. This layout was done with Studio Gypsy's new kit "Do That Thing," and it's my first official CT layout for her. One of my favorite parts of this layout is the little quote in the corner, "Are you doing it yet?" Just a touch of whimsy in an otherwise introspective layout.  Love it love it love it, great kit!

So that's all the new layouts for now, more coming soon.

Peace and love to everyone!


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