Friday, January 14, 2011

Catching Up for Art Journal Caravan Pages

Hi blog fans! Obviously I've taken a few days off from blogging, but now it's time to get back in the saddle, so to speak!

This post is to catch you up on the pages I've done for Tangie Baxter's Art Journal Caravan this week.

This first page is to illustrate my semi-sort of resolution for 2011 - NO DRAMA! Journaling reads: My dearest Sherry, this is not your word (drama). If you're truly feeling a lack, Orlando is full of really great theater. As well, the word you DID choose, which is WRITE, can help you deal with this huge cauldron of negativity. Write a damn play, for pete's sake. 'kay thanks bye!

In each week's itinerary we are given a verb to help us with our journaling, this week's verb was "Thrive." Journaling reads: "Thrive is a really big word, not a wimpy one like exist. To thrive, to me, means to be in an ideal state of being, growing on all planes of existence. Thrive can just stand all by itself, it doesn’t need any modifiers, but it makes me think “I thrive on - what?” I thrive on love, for sure, both as the giver and receiver, and love is another big big word, not a wimpy one such as like. But when I close my mind to really concentrate to fill in that blank, “I
thrive on ________,” the word that best fills in the blank is intensity. Intensity engages me in the deepest places of my spirit. Intense love, intense emotion, intense sensation, intense concentration, intense desire. The flip side of this can be intensely negative as well, but I’ve worked a long time to brush out the negative and THRIVE on the positive parts of intensity.

Do I have intensity in my life right now? No. Apparently I have allowed the state of my health to rob me of the intensity on which I thrive. So if I can’t run a marathon, does that mean no intensity for me? No again. I go back to my word, write, and I can write intensely until I truly thrive.

The next page was done from the prompt "I Can". I was wanting to do a page that involved my elephant companion Jellie, so did it in the form of The "I Can" Jellie Rap - I like how it turned out a lot! Here's the rap - imagine it in an elephant's voice...LOL!

I can stomp down trees
Bring dat jungle to its knees
I can walk 10 miles
And you'll still see just my smiles
I can wave my trunk
That'll take away your funk
When I flap my ears
They will dry up all your tears.

Did you know, did you know
On this journey where you go
That to bring along a Jellie
Will put laughs into your belly?
And with just one look
You won't even need no book
Cause you'll see clear as day
How to brush your cares away!

See an elephant named Jellie
Gonna make you feel all wellie
That's the reason that you picked me
To go with you on the journey!

I can shine a light
That'll cut through darkest night!
I can blow my horn
And you'll have no cause to mourn!
I can carry you away
Til you're in another day!
I can make you laugh
Make you wanna take a baugh!

So just stick with Jellie
You don't need no Sam or Nellie
We'll be makin up some art -
So you ready? Well let's START!!!

And last but not least is a page with a beautiful quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. Tangie gave us some tutorials on using blending modes in Photoshop, so the goal for this page was to make it look more like an art journal page done by hand - I think it sure made a good stab at that!

That's all for and peace to you all!!!


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