Friday, January 7, 2011

It's My Half-Birthday Today!

Well, I was too brain-dead to post yesterday, so we'll hope for 2 posts today, though actually all I have planned for today is REST!!!

Here's my Project 365 photo for January 6th:

This is me with my awesome brothers Randy and Michael. We had just finished a fantastic dinner at Celebration Town Tavern in - you guessed it - Celebration Florida! We had such fun, relaxed and laid-back with lots of laughs. If we didn't have any fun the rest of the weekend (which we certainly WILL!) that would have been enough right there. I love my brothers more than Disney Marathons!!!

So as the title of this post indicates, today is my half birthday - only 6 months until 7/7, the most magical day of the year! I don't feel "half" anything though - full of love, full of fun, full of life! And full of caca some days too...LOL!

Now let me tell you the story of yesterday. We got ALL the Christmas decorations down...whee!!! And Santa got everything all stacked back neatly - he rocks as a husband AND a box organizer!

My brothers and wives got to town around 4, then headed out to the Marathon Expo at Disney's Wide World of Sports. We met them there around 5:30 or so. They had already checked in for their races and ChEAR packages (the cool and pricey spectator packages), so Rachel and I went to check in for our ChEAR packages as well. Now there are 4 levels of ChEAR packages - the first one just consists of some emails, the second includes emails and all the VERY cool gear - a folding camp stool, a t-shirt, some clappers - I haven't opened mine so not sure what else. The 3rd level includes all of the above, plus reserved seating at the end of the race and also at strategic points on the course to see your runners pass by. The 4th package includes all of the above, PLUS entry into the "race resort," which will be a tent that is set up with heaters (which will be needed since it's supposed to be in the 40s both mornings!), snacks, lounges, character greetings, kids' play areas, all sorts of fun things!

Randy and Kim bought my package, which was the 4th level "Platinum" package - thank you sooooo much!!! Rachel wanted some time to think about whether she wanted to get in on this or not, but a few days later decided she did. So we went online to purchase it, but sadly, the Platinum package was sold out, so she had to go for the "gold", which was everything but the cool Resort part. I figured I'd just hang out with her, then we'd get together with the rest of the spectator family when we went to viewing points.

When we got to the Expo and were checking in for our packages, Randy found a helpful person to talk to about upgrading Rachel's package, telling them we had just accidentally chosen the wrong button when we bought the package (which we did - the RIGHT button wasn't available...LOL!). After kindly letting them know how much money we were spending on 4 runners and 4 spectator packages, they relented and let us upgrade Rachel's package to Platinum as well! So now we won't have to be separated at all. Let the RACE FUN commence!!!

So after the expo we headed to Celebration Town Tavern, where my son Eric met us for a wonderful seafood dinner - we had such an amazing time! Then it was off to bed for all of us.

Today Randy is golfing, Kim and Cathy are going to the spa, and Michael is spending quality time with Randy's IPad, purportedly catching up on all the back episodes of South Park! Rachel has to work tonight, and my own plan for the day involves rest - gonna be lots of walking and other fun activities the next 2 days and I want to be ready! We have to be at Epcot by 4:30 am because they start closing the roads for the race at 5:00 am - we'll all have to sleep fast tonight!

Here are a few pics from yesterday:

Wild and Crazy Kids!

My brother Michael and his wife Cathy, along with Mike's hamburger:

Eric and his Uncle Randy. They did some special bonding over Bubba the Love Sponge (? really ?)

Rachel and her uncles:

And here's the whole gang - that's the top of Randy's head behind me, sorry I blocked you bro! From left to right, David, Cathy, Eric, Rachel, Mike, me, Randy behind me, and Kim.

So stay tuned for more exciting Marathon and Family fun! Oh yes, and a VERY special event happening Sunday night!

Peace and love to you all!


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