Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 22 Project 365

I went to a wonderful workshop on Awakening Joy In Your Life today at church. It was filled with so much information that will be so helpful, and I felt like I left with a whole roomful of new friends. The facilitator was excellent. All in all a GREAT experience!

When I got home, Eric came over to cook me dinner - steaks and veggies on the grill - YUMM!!!! And I had picked up Sweet Designs cupcakes for desert.

So after all that excitement, why am I posting a picture of me and Jackiebird? Well, that was the one wrinkle in my day. I took a great picture of the definition of Joy from the flip chart at the workshop. I took a great picture of the facilitator. I took several great pics of Eric as he was preparing dinner. After that, I noticed there was no memory card in my camera. BOOOOOO!!!! Then when I put the memory card in, the battery on the camera was low, so I had to charge it. By that time, the day was almost over, so me 'n Jackiebird were about all that was left to snap! But we both look pretty joyful, wouldn't you say?

Peace and love to everyone!


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