Saturday, January 29, 2011

Permission Granted

Today, while browsing blogs, I came upon some absolutely incredible information.  Did you know that it's okay to blog as often as you can, and you don't have to kick yourself about the days you don't?  And did you know that  you don't have to catch up on every single thing that happened in the interim?  I swear I didn't know this...LOL!  This post was a real eye-opener for me, because I'm always feeling like, when I blog, I have to "catch up" since the last time.  I can catch up my Project 365 posts and my scrapbook pages, but I don't have to recount blow-by-blow descriptions of my life that I missed writing about here.  You may laugh, but it really was a huge permission slip for me.  Who knows, it may even cause me to blog even more!

I had something wonderful happen to me today!  I got invited to be on a new creative team, that of Studio Gypsy at Scrapbookgraphics.  Wow, am I ever psyched about this!  I love her products so much, and had offered to do quality control for her, but instead she invited me to her creative team.  I actually did a layout and a February computer desktop with her newest kit today, so I'll post them in another post.  It's actually a 30-day guest CT position, that way we can both evaluate at the end of that period and see if it's working out.  She is such an awesome person, I know we will be friends however this works out - but I think it will work out fine.

This week has been a really great one for me.  After the Joy workshop, each day I see a little more growth. One of my goals after the workshop was to do one small thing each day to live out loud, something new that I hadn't done before.  It really was a small goal - I tend to want to do huge sweeping changes, but the workshop facilitator encouraged us to do it in small ways at first.  What I've found is that the small things have still had a huge effect on me and my life.  I've been so happy this week despite some health things that at another point would have caused me grief.  I still have one big issue with forgiveness, but I know I will learn how to deal with it.

Santa had dental surgery on Thursday, so I got to take care of him a little tiny bit, which felt very good to me.  I told him I was feeling like hovering, and if he didn't want me to, he'd better tell me - and he said "hover away!" so I did. Not that he needed much - I'm such a big baby about stuff, but he absolutely is not.  I wish he could teach me that skill.

Okay, off to do some Project 365 posts and catch up on posting scrapbook pages.  Peace and love to everyone!


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