Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 365 Day 21

Day 21, January 21

This morning Rachel and I went to Ikea, and I found this gorgeous picture that would look divine in our living room, over our couch. It's far too long to wait for Christmas to ask Santa for it, so I'll just have to figure out something else. It would make a major dramatic difference in the room!

Rachel got quite a few things for her bedroom for her ongoing decorating project. It's really coming together, it won't be long until it's decorated the way she's wanted it for a long time. She has such good decorating taste.

Later I had a blissful few hours with my best friend Miriam. We went through the pictures from her trip home to Newfoundland last year, and I made notes on them so I could get them scrapped. Then we had a nice dinner at Crisper's, and now I'm just waiting for 9 pm until I can go pick Rachel up from work.

Peace and love to everyone!


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