Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 365 January 7 to January 20

Day 7, January 7
HE LOVES ME! My darling husband came home from the gym this morning (where he works out, without fail, every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with this absolutely gorgeous bouquet of daisies. He brings me flowers often, but I never expect it, so it's the most glorious surprise when he does. I love this man sooooo very much!

Today was a great day! Rested quite a bit, then went up to where my brothers are staying and had dinner in their neighborhood - more great times with my great family!

I really should be in bed now because we are getting up at 3:30 to get to Disney by 4:30. And it's supposed to be 41 degrees. When I ran Disney 6 years ago, it was about 60 at race time. There's also a pretty good wind going on, but maybe it'll be over by morning.

So, I'm off to try to go to sleep, but excitement may keep me awake - wish me luck!

Peace and love to you all!

Day 8, January 8
It's early in the day, but I can't imagine anything happening more wonderful than this! My two brothers, Randy (left) and Michael (right) and Michael's wife Cathy, shortly after they finished the half marathon, and proudly sporting their Donald medals. Here are their finishing times:

Cathy: 2:20:53
Michael: 2:28:04
Randy: 2:28:05

Pretty good times, I'd say! I know Randy's goal was to finish in 2:30, so he beat that.

Not sure what's up with my brothers' faces in this picture, but I'll guarantee there's a story of some sort.

Michael and Cathy are running the full marathon tomorrow, for which they will also get a medal, plus a third medal for completing the "Goofy Challenge", which is both the half and the full. I know they will rock at it!

So after leaving the house at 4 this morning, my plan for today is basically NOTHING! We'll meet them for dinner again, then up at o'dark'thirty again tomorrow morning. I am loving this!

Peace and love to you all!

Day 9, January 9
I'm a day late posting this, but the picture is actually taken yesterday. Yesterday was another one that started at 3 am to get out to Disney to watch my youngest brother and his wife compete in the marathon, after having done the half marathon Saturday. They did this successfully, and even had a great time! They were dressed up so cute - all of us were, more pics on that later.

This is a very special picture. It's the last family shot we took while my brothers were still here. But it's special because it was taken at church after the service where my beautiful Rachel was baptized. I cannot tell you how my heart overflowed as I watched this ritual. What an amazing positive step for her life, and I'm so thrilled that all the family could be there. Brett and Mary were there also but didn't get in the picture.

God is good all the time!

Day 10, January 10
This is Madison. Madison is my least favorite (so far) contestant in this season's Bachelor. She has vampire teeth - not sure if her own teeth are re-shaped or if they are fake, but SHE looks fake in them. When she got the rose in the first rose ceremony, she growled and acted like she was biting his neck. I don't know what happened last night because I fell asleep before the end. She's probably a very nice girl, I'm just so not into her, and hope Brad isn't either.

Today was a very emotional day. I was so tired after my weekend of marathon activities, and trying to deal with some family situations. Tomorrow is a brand new day!

Day 11, January 11
This is Luckie, our Chiweenie (part chihuahua, part dachshund). He is such a big part of my life for sure. He is my constant shadow, sitting with me, following me, cuddling with me in bed. He also purrs - you have to hear it to believe it, but he does, when you pet him in a certain way. Luckie brings joy to our whole family! But he has very few friends in the world - he does NOT like strangers, and would probably bite them if he got close enough. This includes our friends too. We rescued him about 4 years ago, so we are not sure what brought him to be this way.

Today was a VERY lazy day, in fact I slept most of it away. Surely I am going to get caught up on my rest soon!

Day 12, January 12
So, equal time for equal pets - Luckie yesterday, Jackiebird today. Jackiebird is a female whitefaced grey cockatiel. She's 8 years old, and if you ask her, she rules the house. She loves books - no, she can't read, she loves to peck the paper - in fact, she leaves her autograph any time she gets a chance. This is her "go away don't try to pick me up" pose, but now that I've left her to post this on Facebook, she's screeching her "don't leave me don't leave me" cry!

Good day, got lots of scrapping done. Centerpeace tonight, my favorite night of the week.

Love and peace to everyone!

Day 13, January 13
I have the best husband on the planet. Not only does he vacuum, but he poses with the vacuum so I can take a 365 picture! We actually have a great system worked out, he vacuums and does the bathroom, which are the parts I hate, and I do the rest, and we both get done about the same time. No, you cannot borrow him, he's allllll mine!!!

Love and peace to all!

Day 14, January 14
Well, this photo doesn't really do justice to one of my very favorite places on the planet! This is the food case at Sweet Designs, which is a cupcake shoppe where they also make AMAZING custom cakes - we had Rachel's Sweet 16 cake done there, as have several of her friends. They have something like 12 regular flavors of cupcakes, plus one special of the week - this week's special is Chocolate Mint, with an Andes mint on top! My all-time fave is Key Lime, David's is Doc, which is carrot cake, and Rachel used to like the Banana ones, but now she's changed to one whose name I don't remember but is a german chocolate cupcake. The store is just a few doors down from where Rachel works, so I have a huge problem resisting going there if I am taking her to work!

Here's their Facebook fan page, if you want to see closeups of their decadent creations. I just found out when I jumped over there to get the address that they have an oven that can make 16 dozen cupcakes at once - now THAT's an oven!!!

Peace and love to all!

PS - the rest of the day was pretty much dull compared to our trip to Sweet Designs...LOL...but I did get a whole slew of pages scrapped for our marathon adventure!

Day 15, January 15
The photo tells the story! This adorable Mexican nutcracker was on the hostess stand at our favorite Mexican restaurant tonight. They got him as a Christmas gift. I wish he were mine. If he were mine, I would take him home and I would name him Pacifico which means Peace. Santa and I had a nice dinner at Azteca, but I really think Pacifico was the highlight of my night!

Peace and love to everyone!

Day 16, January 16
Tonight I attended the U-Turn youth service at church because Rachel was speaking. She did a fantastic job, I was sooooooo proud of her! She very much has the courage of her convictions. She is such an amazing young woman, always surprising and delighting me with the things that she says and does. You GO, girl!!!

The picture is of Rachel and Tina, getting ready to sing with the Adoration Singers at the service. They were so cute tonight - they sing on the stage in the sanctuary, with a number of microphones set up, and tonight, when they would come to a break in the song, they would all scurry around and change mics, sometimes getting a partner at the new location - it was fun to watch. There are probably 10-15 kids in the Adoration Singers.

I love going to the youth services - they are so high energy and I can sure see why they have such a positive affect on the teenagers who attend. Probably even on the ones who talk through the service, though I'm not sure about that.

The other fun part of my day was that Eric came down and spent the night Saturday night, and then we hung out after church for a few hours. I love it when he comes - basically I just love any time I get to spend with my amazing children!

Peace and love to all!

Day 17, January 17
I've been putting this picture off as long as I can, but today it had to be taken. This is my guilty pleasure extraordinaire, Oreo Fudge Cremes. If you haven't tried them, here's my advice - DON'T, unless you're on a weight gain regimen, as I am NOT. It's half an oreo cookie, the filling cream, all dipped in chocolate. If you put the whole thing in your mouth at once, you can really savor all the flavors and how wonderfully they combine.

Rachel had a dream that I gave them up for Lent. Although Methodists don't usually give things up for Lent, I just might have to do that - unless I give them up sooner. I just like these things waaaaayyyyyyy too much!

Love and Peace to Everyone!

Day 18 January 18
Yesterday my dear darling daughter went out to breakfast with her friend Tina, and when she came home, she brought me these beautiful flowers, just because she loves me! I am not sure she knows how much that thrills my heart. I think they will be around a while, the lillies have several unopened buds that hopefully will go ahead and open. I will certainly give them lots of loving thoughts and encouragement!

Thank you mean the world to me!

Peace and love to everyone!

Day 19, January 19
Can you guess what this is? If you guessed a library, you win! This is a shot down an empty aisle of our local branch of the Orlando Public Library. Orlando has an amazing library system. It includes a fantastic web site, as well as the ability to order books and have them delivered to your home. Books are checked out for 3 weeks at a time, and you can renew them online up to 3 times. Each branch has a number of computers that you can sign up to use for an hour at a time. You can check out your own books at a terminal, don't have to wait for a librarian.

I like the lighting. I like the smell. I like the hushed sounds, and am always startled if there is a loud noise. I like the staff, always helpful and take their time no matter how many people are in line behind you. I like the fact that I can pretty much check out as many books as I want to - I usually try to limit it to 10 or so, but sometimes I can't stop myself...LOL! I also like receiving Books by Mayl (their spelling), and dreaming over the online catalog to see what I might want to order next. I almost always read all the fiction I check out, but almost never read all the nonfiction - sometimes I don't even crack the spine, because with my chronic fatigue brain silliness, it's harder for me to comprehend the non-fiction.

I LOVE that this is something my dear hubbie and I love to do together. We usually have different reading tastes, but sometimes a book comes along that we are both interested in and that's fun. As far as that goes, I love having a husband who loves reading as much as I do - for some reason I did not pass that love on to my children, although I have no idea why - they were read to frequently from birth until I couldn't get them to sit still any more.

So, here it is, my favorite place for the day, and what a wonderful experience it was!!!

Love and peace to all!

Day 20, January 20
What am I going to do next month when the days don't correspond with the month's date? I guess I'm going to have to think...LOL!

This morning Santa a7nd I went to our friend Miriam and Bear's house for brunch. Miriam is the best cook on the planet, and today was no exception. Crab cakes, egg casserole, biscuits and sausage gravy, hash browns, orange juice, French pressed coffee, good company, all add up to scrumptiousness! If we lived near Miriam, we would pay her to cook for us. Santa's comment for that was that then he would go back to being a fat Santa!

My picture today is my friend's car on the back of the car ambulance, getting ready to go to the sick car hospital. It's a known illness, nothing mysterious, so I'm sure she will come home good as new in just a day or two. It was just sad to see her go, but she was happy as could be because she was so high up and could see all around her instead of nearly to the ground where she normally drives! Goodbye little car, we'll keep your place in the driveway warm and dry!

Peace and love to all!


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