Sunday, January 2, 2011

Softly Sunday

This is my Project 365 photo today, obviously a photo of a photo. This is a recent picture of my Mom which she gave us for Christmas. She looks so beautiful, young and vibrant in this picture, and that is just how she is. She's very young for her age (which I'm not telling!) and it shows here. Right now she's involved with caring for my younger sister while she's in the hospital, just the kind of thing she would do. She has so much love, so much to give, and I am blessed to have her as my Mom. Thanks Mom, I'm so grateful for you! We;ve been talking on the phone at least twice a day so she can keep me updated on my sister's condition. All love and prayers are gratefully accepted as they both go through this crisis.

It's been a very peaceful Sunday. Rachel and I went to church this morning, a very powerful service as always. Then Rach took me out to Chili's for lunch - yummy good nachos and some kind of chocolate chip cookie desert that was a slice of heaven! Came home and napped for a couple of hours, and since then I've just been taking it easy, doing some picture work and scrapbooking mostly. I have really let my creative team work slip, and I managed to get a project done for one of my teams - hooray! Wanna see it? Here it is - it's a desktop background for the month of January, made with DoinDigital's "Love Who You Are" kit.

It is such a cute kit and I had such fun making this desktop!

One of the big lessons I've thought about today has to do with unconditional love. That means that I love you even if you are pushing me away with everything you have. I may not be able to stand against the pushing, but it will not affect the way I love. On the other hand, God will still be there, right beside us, even if we are pushing him away. I am striving to learn how to love unconditionally like that...I have a long way to go!

Love to you all!


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