Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Twelfth Night

And a merry one to you all! Tomorrow, January 6th, ends the 12 days of Christmas. Tonight's designation as Twelfth Night comes from medieval times, when the day actually began at sunset the day before. Another custom states that it's bad luck to have your Christmas decorations up past Twelfth Night - I'm going to have to adopt a more modern interpretation of the beginning and ending of days since my decorations will come down tomorrow - but they will not see the sunset, I promise!

So here's my Project 365 picture. These are our wonderful Santas that have been given to us by my mom (except for that tall skinny one in the back). We love them so much! They'll have to be put back to bed for another 11 months until it's time for them to come back and grace our shelves. I just love looking at them, I know I'll look back on this picture with love!

I have recently developed an intense interest in elephants. I've been reading books about them - just finished an amazing book called "Modoc," which is the story of an elephant in the early 1900s and the man who lived almost all of his life with her. It is a beautiful, emotional, touching story, well-written and worth reading even if you aren't elephant-obsessed like I am...LOL! I started another book today, "The Elephant Whisperer," that is about a game reserve in Africa and their rescue of elephants, but darned if I didn't leave it at the doctor's office this morning! They are holding it at the front office for me - will you please remind me to go pick it up? I want to finish it and I'd sure hate to have to pay for another library book!

So Santa, being the wonderful man he is, found a great web site for me, I spent just a short time there tonight - this is a web site of a game preserve in Tennessee for elephants. There's lots of exploring to be done there for sure.

But I didn't have time for that tonight, and for the same reason I have to cut this short. Because GUESS WHAT - tomorrow is Santa's birthday! He will be 21 years old, believe it or not! And I have things to get ready, so I have to get out of here and get them done - more info and pix tomorrow. But hey, aren't you proud of me that I actually posted on the blog anyway? YAY Sherry!

Oh yes, tomorrow is when my brothers are coming, and we are going to dinner at Celebration Town Tavern with them for Santa's birthday. Besides the excitement of the upcoming marathons, there's another big event coming up. Rachel is going to be baptized at the youth service at church on Sunday. I am unspeakably pleased about this, I only wish the whole family could be here. But my brothers and their wives will be here, and I know the rest of the family will be with us in spirit.

Peace and love to everyone!


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