Friday, February 18, 2011

Miscellaneous CT Layouts February So Far

I didn't post layouts last month other than my AJC layouts, but this month I've decided to post the other creative team layouts I've done, plus any other personal layouts I want to share.  So, here goes!

For the first layout, I used Studio Gypsy's "Do that Thing" page kit - this is so awesome, I had a great time working with it!  Here's the kit preview, and you can click on the link below to get to the kit in the store:

Do That Thing: The Kit

You can also buy the papers and elements seperately, as well as word art, paper stacks, card stock and alpha - check them all out!

Here's  my February desktop that I made using this kit:

I've been having great fun looking at this on my desktop so far this month!

Okay NEXT!

This is a layout I did with a collab kit by Silvia Romeo and Jennifer Arbon called "Life Tapestry."  Typical of all of Sylvia's kits, this one is lush, rich, gorgeous, perfect for heritage layouts which is how I used it here.  Here's the kit preview, and click on the link below the preview to take you to the kit at Digitals:

Here's my layout, with a picture of me and my adored grandfather.  Click on the layout to see a larger version:

I love love LOVE this next layout!  This one was done for Angie Young's Art Journaling challenge at Digital Scrapbook Pages.  I used several products from Angie's Art Journal Lizzie series.  Here's the preview of the elements - click the link to see all the Art Journal Lizzie products:

Angie Young's Art Journal Lizzie Products at Digital Scrapbook Pages

Also, the cute little doggies that are currently on the wallpaper of my blog came from this line of products, you'll see them listed at the link above as well.

Here's the layout.  The challenge was to show what love looks like to you, so here's what it looks like to me.  Click layout to see larger version:

Anything that has to do with this sexy man I'm married to looks like love to me!

And now we have - Beth Rimmer!  Beth has been a favorite designer of mine for several years, ever since she started at Digitals.  I've loved every single product she's released, and I have most of them - I have done her quality control for a long time.  This kit is called "The Hills Are Alive," and it's full of fun fairies and other woodfolk.  When I QC'd the kit, this layout burst into my brain and wouldn't let me alone until I scrapped it!

Here's the kit preview, and click on the link below to see the kit at Deviant Scrap:

The Hills Are Alive

Here's the layout that wouldn't go away  until I scrapped it - hope it makes you laugh!  Click the layout to see a bigger version:

Next up is a layout that I did with Studio Gypsy's Industrial Collab with ViVa Artistry.  This is a dark, grungy, amazingly great kit, perfect for so many kinds of layouts - I chose to do a layout of Eric with his guitar that matched really great.  Here's the kit preview, and you can go to directly to the kit at Studio Gypsy if you click the link:

Here's my layout - it's called Metal.  Click layout to see larger version.

Staying with Studio Gypsy, here's a layout I created using Sugary, Sweet and Shabby Mash-Up Grab Bag, a collab between Studio Gypsy, Studio Flergs, Studio Rosie Posie and Studio Dawn Inskip.  I love this kit - it's so versatile and you can create so  many different types of layouts with this.  Click on the link below the preview to see the kit - but hurry, it's only being sold for a limited time.

And here's my layout.  This is called Sweet, and it is one of my very favorite pictures of my beautiful daughter - a self portrait, actually!  Click the layout to see a larger version.

Now we return to Silvia Romeo, and her gorgeous Christmas kit called "Visions of Sugar Plums."  This kit rocks!  Again, Silvia's kits always are so rich and luscious, and I love working with them.  Click the link below the preview to see the kit at Digitals:

And  here's my layout, using a picture of the fireplace, decorated by Rachel, at our Talova house.  Click on the layout to see a bigger version.

Just one more and I'll be caught up posting layouts - WHEEEEEE!!!

I wrote in an earlier post that I won a coupon to Studio Natali at a chat at SBG, and I got her kit "Dreamy."  I posted the previews there, so I'm not going to repeat them here, but you can see the kit in her store here:

So here's my layout.  This is my darling Rachel just about the time she turned 3.  The picture was extracted from one we took at her very first dance recital.  I remember that little darling girl so clearly.  Click the layout to see a larger version.

Okay, that's it!  That's all the CT layouts I've done this month other than Art Journal Caravan layouts.  Wish it was more, but hey, this isn't too shabby, right?

Peace and love to everyone!


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