Friday, February 18, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - no, Forward!

It's a glorious day in Orlando today.  Our swimming pool looks like it needs to be jumped into, but the certain hypothermia that would be encountered keeps me inside.  But I can hear the voices of summer calling me!

I've been really enjoying my days with Mom.  It is so awesome to have her here, she just exerts a peaceful presence that is so wonderful in our already-peaceful house!  She makes me feel like everything's going to be okay just because she "is," you know?  I guess that's what mamas are for.  I know I am incredibly grateful for my mama!

Let's see...Wednesday night Mom, Rachel and I went to Centerpeace, and that was wonderful, then came home and watched the first episode of the new Survivor series - I think I'm going to love this one!  Thursday morning Rachel and I had doctor's appointments, then Rachel took us out to lunch at Olive Garden - yum yum yum!  We had a lemon creme cake that was just to-die-for - thanks, Mom, for the tip!  Afterwards we took Rachel to American Eagle - she has her eye on a dress to wear to Wicked, but they didn't have it at this store.  The final stop was Target - she had quite a few things she needed for her trip.  Mom and I picked up some frozen dinners for dinner, since we were going to be just the 2 of us, then we sat at Starbuck's and drank yummy coffee drinks as we waited for Rachel to finish.  And had yet another wonderful conversation.  I would not trade one single minute with my Mom for anything in the world!

Last night Rachel went out to dinner with Brett, then when they came back, Brett helped me figure out what was wrong with my Itunes on my laptop - turns out there was a conflict with the usb plugin for my mouse - who knew?  So we got my Ipod Touch working great on there.  Then we tried to get Mom's Iphone set up, but then realized that because it's synced to her computer at home, she would lose all her info if we did that.  So we are trying to come up with a plan B so she can download her own audio books, and we will do it eventually!

This morning started dark and early - I got up at 4:40 am to take Rachel to the church for the annual Youth Ski Trip.  There are 25 kids plus several chaperones going skiing in North Carolina for this holiday weekend...wheee!!!  Rachel has been unbelievably excited, I know she will have a great time.  Only problem is that it's going to be quite warm there - 67 degrees for the high!  The girls were joking that they would have a waterslide rather than a ski slope.  Anyway, we got to the church just right at 5, and the bus was pulled out front, but no luggage trailer, and very few people, so obviously 5 am was not an official departure time...LOL!  I stayed around for half an hour or so to make sure she had everything she needed as far as money and paperwork, then I left them all with instructions to have a great time, and I know they will follow that to the letter!  Rachel is going to snowboard this year - I hope she has a blast!

I got home and messed around for an hour or so til I got sleepy again, then took a nap for about 2 hours.  Breakfast then, and lots of playing on the computer - nothing too productive, but lots of wasted Gmail and Facebook time - time stealers for sure!

This afternoon I watched the new tutorial that Tangie put up for the Art Journal Caravan, which was about making a signature or logo brush in Photoshop.  So I made mine to show both Jellie and me.  Wanna see what it looks like?  Sure ya do!

Pretty cool, don't you think?  I love it!  The elephant and crown came from one of Angie Young's ATC sets, and the font is by Tangie Baxter, Tweedledee.  I made it into a brush, brushed it on the paper, then applied a glitter style.  Photoshop brushes are amazing, I need to work with them more!

Mom and I took a break while I was looking for this brush and went to dinner at Panera Bread.  Next was JC Penney's to return winter scarves bought before Christmas!  Then to Publix to buy supplies to make cookies, brownies and cupcakes for hungry bikers - Sunday is Biker Sunday at our church, and there will be a cookout as well as lots of delish deserts.  Our last stop was Walgreens, and now we're back home, stretched out on the couch with our various computing devices and watching the DVR version of the second night of the Westminster Dog Show.

Til next time, Peace and Love to Everyone!


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