Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 365 - Day 35

Day 35 - February 4

So, Rachel has been telling me about this ice cream shop in Kissimmee that has the most delicious ice cream in the world. Well guess what - she was OH SO RIGHT!!!!! This is a picture of our order - I had peaches and cheesecake, she had strawberries, raspberries, and cheesecake. The shop is called Pure Magic, and the name does not lie.

Here's the process. You pick your size (this is small, and it's HUGE - I think it would take Paul Bunyan to eat a large!), and you pick your added ingredients, out of a list of about 50 things. They take a big metal bowl, pour in cream, and put in your chosen added ingredients. Then they mix everything up, then they freeze it with nitrogen (at least I think that's what it is, forgive me if I'm way off base) - cold smoke pouring out everywhere! Then they bring the bowl back to the counter, still smoking like crazy, and keep stirring it up until it's all frozen into ice cream. Then you take your first bite and melt on the floor because it is so heavenly.

So, if you like ice cream, check out Pure Magic. But try to be choosy about when you go - the girl that waited on us said that the line routinely gets to be an hour's wait - and that people wait that long for this. Not sure I would, but I might, who knows? And if you don't like ice cream, I advise you to seek professional help...LOL!

We went for ice cream after I took Rachel to the doctor - she has a bad case of bronchitis and has not been to school the last 3 days. Hopefully with antibiotics she'll start getting better fast, but the doc said it very well could be viral, and she may get worse before she gets better. I hate this - moms never like their babies to be sick, right?

Peace and love to everyone!


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