Saturday, February 5, 2011

Single Dad Laughing

One of my favorite bloggers is Single Dad Laughing -  He is really amazing, and has done the miraculous job of gaining over 50,000 followers since last July (I'm a bit behind, not sure anybody is reading my blog, but I don't care, it's good for me!).  Check him out, he's a great writer and picks both funny and timely topics to write about.

So today his post is about feeding dogs from the table.  He and his son have adopted a dog, and they are locked in a battle of wills about feeding him from the table - so far they have not caved.

Let me tell you about mealtimes in our house.  We sit down at the table to eat, and Luckie takes up his position next to Santa - apparently he gives the most generous tidbits.  If we are eating something that is easy to give him small pieces, he gets a FEW bites during the meal - he will sometimes come to me, but mostly it's Santa.  If it's not something we can easily feed him bites of, he gets to lick the plates clean, along with a small bit of food we've left him.  He's a small dog, a chiweenie (part chihuahua and part dachshund - why did he have to be the breeds with the hardest names to spell? LOL), so he only needs a small amount of food.  One of my favorite snacks is swiss cheese and ritz crackers, and he LOVES that - if I say "Luckie let's go get cheese," he beats me to the refrigerator every time.  And every time we take him to the vet for his yearly physical, the vet tells us he's very healthy, and just keep feeding him whatever we're feeding him...little does he know, LOL!  And if we eat out, which we really rarely do, I try to remember to bring him home a few bites.  He always has dog food down, so I certainly don't worry about him starving, but all I've ever seen him eat is sometimes after our meal, he goes to the bowl and eats ONE BITE - now what the heck is the point of that, Luckie?

And then there's Jackiebird, our cockatiel.  She also insists on eating with us, and I can't resist her either.  I put a small amount of something she's going to like - usually carbohydrates of some sort - on the table near my plate, and she goes to town.  At some point in the meal, she checks out the actual food on our plates, but we just shoo her away - as a rule we don't feed her off our plates, but even that "rule" gets broken on occasion.  She, too, is very healthy, but unlike Luckie, she eats lots and lots of birdie food and treat sticks.

Don't judge me for feeding my animals people food, please.  It doesn't seem to be damaging them in any way, and frankly it makes mealtimes more fun for me.  We are very much a "pack" in our house, and it seems right for the pack to eat together.  One rule I do follow is that Luckie never gets the first bite of any food - I always have a few bites before giving him anything.  I read somewhere that's a dominance issue, and that one I will be faithful to.  He has also learned the smell of chocolate, apparently, and does not even bother to beg if we are eating something chocolate, as he knows he won't get that.

So, that's how it is at mealtimes.  Be prepared if you come to dinner...LOL!

Peace and love to everyone!


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