Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Eve

I am sitting on the couch with Nana, while she plays with her Iphone and Ipad at the same time - a mother with great multitasking talents!  But I just looovveee having her here!  She's always loved electronic gadgets and such.  A long time ago, in 1972, my brothers had received a handheld football game for Christmas - WAY early in the years of handheld electronics for sure.  But then Nana had to spend 6 weeks at home recovering from surgery, and by the time she went back to work, she was the world champion.

Flash forward to 1988 or 89.  Nana and Sammy were visiting Brett, Eric and me when we lived in Davie, Florida.  I was recovering from meningitis so I wasn't much fun.  So when Eric was at school, Nana would play whatever Nintendo games Eric had.  Then the day came that they had to leave.  Brett and Eric were at school, and I was way too sick to drive them to the airport, so they had a taxi come to take them. When Brett got home that night, he said "Why is the door open?"  I had been asleep when they left and was still asleep when Brett and Eric got home.  And then we realized that the Nintendo was also on.  So we figured out that when the taxi driver came, Nana was playing Nintendo, and got so excited in leaving that she forgot to turn it off and shut the door!

She also went through phases of electronic tetris and electronic bridge.  She would play those all the time. And if she's only doing 1 electronic thing at a time, she can usually carry on a conversation too!

Oh, I forgot one more thng.  Probably in 1991, Eric and I met Nana and Grandpa Sammy in Panama City, Florida for a few days at the beach in their motor home - we had a glorious time!  I have video from that trip of Nana and Eric sitting on a parking block playing their electronic games, very funny since that is what they did all the time at home too.

By the way, in today's world, she loves to play Words with Friends, so if anyone plays that, leave me a message and I'll hook you up.  She does NOT, however, play Angry Birds.  And probably never will.

We just finished eating another glorious dinner cooked by Eric!  He had some wonderfully seasoned fresh vegetables and rice - baby bella mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper, broccoli, onion - and wonderful  Basmati rice.  Then to go along with it he grilled shrimp in a delicious homemade marinade that was just to-die-for.  Luckie even liked the rice leftovers and some of the veggies, but he won't eat mushrooms, ever, and he was eyeing the yellow squash with suspicion, not sure how that one came out.

So now here we are, Nana and me, stretched out next to each other on the couch and doing our various electronic activities - and happy as little clams doing it.  David just left for work, so the only interruptions will be: 1) I have to go wash the lunch dishes.  That's the deal when Eric cooks, and it's great with me.  2) I think Nana and I are going to spend some time recording questions and answers.

Here's the question and answer project.  There are numerous lists on the net of family history questions, that allow you to find out important things to know for your family history, that can then
either be written in a book or recorded form, or made into a heritage scrapbook.  Nana and I really want to do this - we have a reasonable amount of history from her parents, but we want to leave as full a legacy as we can from Nana.  So we are going to spend part of ths trip of hers with questions and answers that I will record on a digital voice recorder.  I am so excited about this, and I know Nana is too!

We first got interested in this as a project when I was able to make several recordings at StoryCorps mobile locations.  You can read about StoryCorps here:  Here's the  mission statement on their home page:

Our mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.

So Storycorps, besides having permanent locations, has mobile setups that go from city to city, usually staying a month in each place.  People make appointments to come in to record their stories - any sorts of family history stories they want.  They have a list of potential questions on their web site to guide you in what types of questions you might like to ask/answer.  The first time, I interviewed my sweet Miriam friend about her days of growing up in Bell Island, Newfoundland.  Mim is one of the most interesting women I know, and it was just fascinating to learn more about her.

Then a couple of years later, Storycorps returned to Florida Hospital to celebrate their 100-year anniversary.  I made appointments for Rachel to interview me, me to interview David and David to interview me.  Again, it was very special, things that we will always treasure.

One very cool thing is that the stories recorded in the professional recording setting of Storycorps facilities are archived in the Library of Congress, so our descendants will always be able to go there and hear our stories.  I love that.

Nana was going to go when the  mobile booth came to Oklahoma City, but something came up and she couldn't.  So ever since then we've been planning our own StoryCorps sessions!

So, besides the fact that I've neglected my blogging these past few days, I haven't posted my Project 365 photos or new scrapbook layouts, so I'm off to do that now.

Peace and Love to Everyone!


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