Friday, February 18, 2011

Where's the Peeeeectures??? AJC Postings

So I'm scrolling down the blog, and realize there are no pictures (except my new siggie) for the longest time!  Whassup with that?  So, in this post I'm going to catch up my AJC layouts.  I haven't posted many this month, better get on the stick.

This layout is mostly about hope for me, not letting myself slide into despair.  It was in response to Tangie's prompt "Live." Click the link after the picture if you want to see the credits, and click on the layout to see a larger version:

Learn Live Hope

Another one responding to the "Live" prompt.  This one, of course, is my life mission statement, living out loud.  I love this layout, love how it turned out!  This one is all Angie Young products; again, click the link after the picture if you want to see the credits, and click on the layout to see a larger version:

Live Out Loud

And last, for the moment, but not least, certainly, is a layout that I actually have not posted to the AJC gallery but will post later tonight.  This one is in response to Tangie's "Reinforce" prompt.  I used her new Mock Turtle AJC font that was part of our provisions for this week - in fact, she released EIGHT new fonts which are designed specifically with the art journaler in mind. I am SO excited about that!  I also used the things she taught us in week 4 about modifying type size and such to make the type look less "fontified," and I love how it turned out.  Everything from this layout is from Tangie's INKcorporated kit, with lots of recoloring and style application, and like I said, her Mock Turtle font.  And check it out - this is the first layout with my little siggie in the corner.,  Will I go back and put it on all the other layouts I've done so far this year?  Not likely, but hey, ya never know!  Click on the layout to see a larger version.

There now, everything looks prettier again!

Love and Peace to everyone!


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