Thursday, March 10, 2011

REALLY??????? Project 365 Update (aka LONGEST POST EVER!!!)

I know I've been slow to post my Project 365 pictures here, so I decided to come over and get them all updated.  But REALLY has it been since Day 35?  I am now on Day 69, that's half of them!  So I better get my lil self busy and get this thing done!

February 5 - Day 36

We moved into our house on December 15, 2009. One of my resolutions at that time was that I was going to have everything put away nicely as soon as possible. So...apparently possible has not come around yet, because this is what the left half of my garage looks like! I've read in lots of places that if you don't use something for a year, you really don't need it - well, it's been over a year, but I can't even think of getting rid of anything without seeing it first.

Our new goal is to have it all unpacked and thinned out by the first of May, when our church's garage sale will be held, so we can donate all the things that we don't need for a good cause. So we have 2 months, wish us luck!

In our defense, I will say that probably 25% of this junky space is taken up with dressers and bookcases that we don't have room for in our house, so it's not ALL boxes!

Peace and love to everyone!

February 6 - Day 37

Yes, here it is, the famous blank canvas! Here's the story. I am participating in a year-long on-line journaling project called the Art Journal Caravan. It involves digital scrapbooking in a manner similar to physical art journaling, but there are also some special projects that go along with it each month. 

One of our first activities was to choose a word that would be our theme word for the year. I chose the word "write." So we were asked to create a collage canvas using our word, that we could hang up somewhere to remind us of our choice. So here I am, 2 months later, and all I've done is paint the base canvas. The rest of it is planned in my mind, just not done. But it's gonna be really pretty, I'll make it a 365 picture when it's finished!

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 38 - February 7

Today was a very chilly day, and poor Luckie was shivering so badly that I convinced him to wear his sweater. He doesn't really like the sweater, but I think he's beginning to make the connection that when he wears the sweater, he stays warmer. Or maybe not, who knows what goes on in his doggie brain?

Peace and love to everyone!

February 8 - Day 39

This is a picture of my computer screen during a chat at Scrapbookgraphics. SBG has a chat every Tuesday night, with games and fun and prizes. I've been going to this chat for about 6 weeks, and have gotten to know some really fun people here. You can see one of my posts to the conversation - the big cupcake with livingoutloud (Sherry) next to it. I actually won the game this week, so I got a $10 coupon to Studio Natali, which I immediately spent....wheee!

Peace and love to everyone!

February 9 - Day 40

This is the gorgeous Tyson, son of 2 of my good friends at church, Brandon and Gigi. Tyson turned 1 in December. He is growing up so fast, right before our eyes. He has the best smile around - he can cheer you up just by looking at him. He is definitely a happy and loved baby.

Peace and love to everyone!

February 10 - Day 41

This is a sad picture on a sad day. Through no fault of Eric's, he was t-boned at an intersection by a woman who ran the red light. His car had to be towed as it's obviously not drivable. We need lots of love and prayers for this situation - he needs his car in order to get to work, so hopefully it can be fixed posthaste!

Peace and love to everyone!

February 11 - Day 42

I was going to pick Eric up for some errands since he is "carless." As I was walking up to the front door, I saw this stone bunny head just sticking out of the ground. This was a stone bunny that sat in the garden of our house on Astina Way. It went with Brett, but apparently now it's trying to dig a rabbit hole, without much success, I'm thinking.

Peace and love to everyone!

February 12 - Day 43

This is a picture of Nana and Eric that I snapped as soon as Nana got out of the jetway. We were all really glad to see her - I had tears in my eyes, I have missed her so much.

Later we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, which was good. I took some very colorful pics at Cracker Barrel, but they just didn't have the emotion that this one did.

Oh yes, and David and I cleaned the house today so it would be all sparkly clean for Nana's arrival - yay!

Peace and love to everyone!

February 13 - Day 44

Nana wanted to have some frozen yogurt, so we headed to Menchie's, and these are the frozen yogurt arts we made. They were so delicious - I think I even managed to finish mine (can you say oink oink?).

I had 2 naps today which were delightful. I am so happy to have Nana here. It just feels like now everything will be okay since she's here.

Peace and Love to Everyone!

February 14 - Day 45

Happy Valentine's Day! This is Clyde. David gave me Clyde as a Valentine's gift, and I just love him! He's my second 3D elephant - the first is the necklace Quinta gave me. I do have several digital elephants, including Jellie my Art Journal Caravan partner, but they aren't quite the same as the 3D ones.

I had a hearing aid appointment at the mall, then Nana and I had a battery changed in her watch and a Starbucks coffee and some scones.....YUMmy!!! Back home, I had a nap, then we went to Brandon with Ginger Selander to pick up Rachel from Chrysalis, where she had an amazingly wonderful, life-changing experience. I was really tired after all that activity, and was passed out by 9 pm - that never happens!

Peace and Love to Everyone!

February 15 - Day 46

Today Rachel and I took Nana to Pure Magic! She liked it a lot but the selections were sort of overwhelming to her. But we had a great time nonetheless!

This little stone froggie hangs out in the play yard area of Pure Magic. I wonder if kissing him will turn him into a prince?

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 47 - February 16th

Here's what I got to enjoy for 2 weeks - my darling mother on the other end of the couch, listening to books on her IPhone and playing games on her IPad, sometimes at the same time! And my little Luckie boy loved to snuggle up with her as much as he likes to snuggle up with me. There is no sweeter feeling than having my mom sitting next to me, and I am enjoying every minute of it!

Peace and love to everyone!

Day 48 - February 17th

Doesn't this pool look absolutely scrumptious? The water is clear and sparkling and such a beautiful blue, the sun is warm, the breezes are balmy. Just one problem - the water temperature is 62 degrees! So there won't be anybody jumping in here for at least a few more weeks. I think we first swam in it last year when it was 74 degrees, but even that was pretty chilly, probably we'll wait til 76 degrees this year.

It's such a wonderful treat to have this beautiful pool in our own back yard, and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who cares for it so diligently!

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 49 - February 18th

Can you tell it's 5:00 am in this picture? Well, actually maybe 5:15 to be more exact. Got up this morning to get Rachel to the church by 5 am to leave on the youth ski trip - she is sooooo excited, I know they are going to have a great time! So I snapped this picture of Rachel with Quinta to memorialize the beginning of the trip. Safe travels, dear youth and chaperones, we can't wait to hear about all your fun!

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 50 - February 19th

Mmmmmmmm yummy sweets! Tomorrow is Biker Sunday at our church, and I volunteered to bring in some deserts, though this will only be a tiny portion of everything there - everybody loves deserts on Biker Sunday! Mom and I spent most of the day making brownies, mini cupcakes, double chocolate chip cookies, regular chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal cookies, and we had such fun doing it. Just one more thing I love doing with my mommy!

Peace and love to everyone!

February 20 - Day 51

This is a stitched-together panorama (yay Photoshop!) of some of the bikes that came to our church for the 12th Annual Biker Sunday. I'm estimating there were about 50 bikes in each of these rows, and a bunch of others nearer the church, so my estimate, based on really that there were about 300 bikes, and LOTS of bikers to go with them! We served hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, chips, lots of sodas and waters, and the most amazing array of deserts this side of the Mississippi! The weather was beautiful, perfect temperature. Oh, and I forgot to tell about the stunt shows - the part we stayed for was really amazing, these great big bikes (Harleys? I have no idea...LOL) riding in formations that were breathtaking!

Eric was over and mowed our yard (read weeds), and it was nice to get to see him. I took about a 3-hour nap, then just hung out with Mom as we sat on the couch and had parallel play with our various electronic gadgets...LOL!

Rachel comes home tomorrow, and I can't wait, I've missed the heck out of her!

Peace and love to everyone!

Day 52 - February 21

This is a picture of Rachel and Carrie, who was a chaperone on the youth ski trip, when they got back to the church after the trip. I snapped this picture to commemorate the end of what appears to have been a wonderful trip with lots of fun and fellowship. And luckily Rachel didn't break any bones (or windows) on this trip!

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 53 - February 22

A couple of days ago, out of the blue, I received a Christmas card from my dear niece and nephew Marijean and Scott, along with their cute little chihuahua Sparta. This was only 14 months late - it was actually their card from Christmas 2009. I personally love that I got it now! It doesn't have to share a spot with any other Christmas cards - it can be prominently displayed right on the front of my refrigerator all by itself. Note that they are all three wearing their hideous Christmas sweaters! Also, I felt it only right to stick it to the refrigerator using my magnet that shows the street sign from the corner of Haight and Asbury in San Francisco, being as Scott and Marijean are my little hippie relatives...LOL!

Thanks for giving me this piece of sunshine to enjoy, dear ones!

Peace and Love to Everyone, with a special dose for Scott and Marijean!

Day 54 - February 23

Our Wednesday night Centerpeace dinner this week was a very special Italian dinner, and the couple who put it together really went all out! The serving table had all these cute statuettes including this one with the blackboard. The tables were covered with red and white checked tablecloths, candles, flowers, and candies. They had Italian music playing in the background. It was the most elaborately decorated dinner we've had so far, and everyone was delighted! And the food was amazing, the best meatballs I had ever dreamed of! Mom and I helped with the setup, and we also provided deserts, although they were store-bought, nothing as elaborate as the dinner!

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 55 - February 24

This was the last full day of Nana's visit, she's leaving tomorrow. We went to the mall to the Disney store and found plush figures for the little boy she tutors - one of Donald Duck and one of Huey, who is the boy's favorite Disney character. Did I take a picture there? No. So, for dinner we went to Celebration Town Tavern so Nana could have some good seafood - she has to have good seafood on every trip to Florida! Eric, Rachel, David, Nana and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and great company. And did I take a picture? No. So after dinner we stopped at Walgreens so Rachel could pick up a few things she needed, so guess what - I took a picture, wheeee!!! This is some sort of silly squishy ball that feels sort of creepy when you hold it. Not sure if those dots are supposed to be eyes or some portion of female anatomy, I'll let you be the judge. But either way, I actually took a picture. Hooray!

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 56 - February 25

This was Nana's last day in Florida. I took her to the airport, and despite the fact that she had lost her driver's license at some point during the trip, she was able to get through security without a problem (she used her social security card plus her bank card that had her picture on it). I was so very sad to see her go, and I'm already counting the days til the next time.

So in the afternoon David and I attended the wedding of two of his co-workers at Medieval Times, one of the princesses and one of the knights. It was such a beautiful wedding - the bride was ravishing and the groom was pretty spiffed up himself. I had a hard time getting any pictures, but did manage to get this shot of them feeding cake to each other, always a highlight of any wedding! The happy couple is off to honeymoon in Vegas, where I'm sure they will have a spectacular time. Best wishes to them for a long and happy marriage!

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 57 - February 26

This picture was actually taken yesterday, but I just had to include it. Nana and I stopped in the Lush store on the way to get her through security, so she could pick up a fresh mask for Tamera and some other items. We were so surprised to see that they had completely redecorated the store, changed things around, made it look much bigger! I had planned to take Nana's picture in there, but forgot, so I went back to take this after she went through security. Oh, and did I mention that I LOVE LUSH???

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 58 - February 27

I had this huge craving for a cupcake today - of course, the one day that Sweet Designs is closed. I just could not get the idea out of my mind. So, after I dropped Rachel off at Revelation practice, I stopped by 7-Eleven and bought these little gems, brought them home, put them out on fine china and a lace tablecloth, then ate them. But all that fal-de-ral didn't make them anything but Hostess Orange Cupcakes, a VERY poor imitation of the real thing. In fact, eating them made me feel pretty yucky. I will definitely be making a trip to Sweet Designs tomorrow.

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 59 - February 28

NEWS FLASH - JESUS LIVES IN OUR KITCHEN! And I have photographic evidence, see? (Jesus is the one on the left, in case you can't tell).

So here's the story. I think it was on Christmas Eve that a couple of Rachel's friends from work called her and told her to come outside, they had a present for her. After solving the problem of the fact that they were at the wrong house, they brought in a big plate of cookies they had made for Rachel. We ate all of them but these two - and they were quite tasty, I might add! But nobody wanted to be the one to eat the Jesus cookie - Rachel said she was going to do it, but now that it's been 2.5 months, I think it might be better if we shellacked him and put him on the wall instead. I think they created a remarkable likeness considering the supplies on hand, don't you?

The other cookie, the heart and cross, represents the tattoo that Rachel is going to have placed on her foot as her 16th birthday gift from me - hopefully before she's 26, LOL! The significance of this is so that she can spread the love of Jesus wherever she goes. I love that, love my brilliant and creative and beautiful daughter!

Peace and love to everyone!

Day 60 - March 1

Look at our beautiful new addition to our living room! These are photos taken by my in-house photographer daughter Rachel, and my mom had them printed to canvas for us as a gift. They totally change the character of our room, and they look MUCH better than the Ikea picture I saw a few weeks back! Thank you soooo much Mom and Rachel! And they arrived at the perfect time, right after we finished cleaning the house...LOL!

I might have to relocate my sitting position in the living room - right now I sit on the couch right under the pictures so I can't see them...well, maybe not. I also might hang them differently - I just hung them on nails that were already in the wall from the previous owners.

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 61 - March 2

This is what Rachel, Emma and friend (I'm so sorry I forgot your name!) did tonight at Centerpeace during dinner! Supposedly they aren't planning their weddings, they are planning careers as wedding planners and photographers...but what young girl does not dream of her magical wedding day? It was fun to watch them look at the magazines and share ideas and giggle.

Centerpeace was very powerful for me tonight, as always. Our message was given by Julie Chatham, and we had some really intense "table talk" time. Sometimes I come away from there stirred up, but I always end up settled down eventually.

Rachel and I were going to come home and watch 50 First Dates, but I can't make our darned DVD player work....grrrrrr!!! Maybe some techie type will come help me soon!

Peace and love to everyone!

Day 62 - March 3

Borders is closing out their Sand Lake store near where we live, so David and I took a field trip to see if there were any great deals. They've removed a lot of merchandise, and there are no HUGE markdowns, but I did find 2 things I really wanted. "Creative is a Verb" is a brand new book by Patti Digh that I really wanted - it was 30% off so got it for $14. Then the other one is called The Writer's Block - and the book is block-shaped. It's full of prompts to help deal with writing block. I wish I could have found the one that said "Here's the Magical Formula for Getting Off Your Behind and Write!" but apparently that one was sold out.

I love Borders and will miss it, but we have a Books a Million very near our house, and Barnes and Noble just a bit farther. Besides, we usually spend our book time at the library!

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 63 - March 4

Today Rachel got a new Iphone 4, and as you can see she's very happy about it. Her old Iphone has been on the blink for months, and her dad kept trying to get her to wait until the 5 comes out, but she was just over it and really wanted a phone she could depend on. I asked her what she could do, and she said she could now Skype on her phone....wheee!!!

PS - If you are reading this, my dear husband, I want you to know that I will be waging a gentle but persistent campaign for you to let me get an Iphone next February when my contract with Sprint is up! Mwah!

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 64 - March 5

This is a picture of Jackie getting to know my screensaver elephant - they seemed to get along just fine. Jackie loves to be with me when I am working on my laptop, but the crummy part is she wants to sit on my hand, either that or on the keyboard. If she sits on my hand, I can't type, and if she sits on the keyboard, I run the risk of bird poop, and I'm not willing to take that risk, so we spend most of the time squabbling about where she's going to sit. But the baby elephant calmed her a little bit.

Eric came over this morning for a bit - he's still trying to find a car, I'm praying that something will work out for him. Rachel went to a Chrysalis "hoot" with Tina, so it's mostly been me and the King today. I haven't been much good company - I napped most of the day. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

Peace and Love to Everyone!

Day 65 - March 6

This is a before and after picture of what we call Luckie's "babies." He loves these fuzzy plush toys, and he plays with them til they are just threads. On the right we have a sheep that we got him about a month ago. He made quick work of biting off the legs and pulling out the stuffing, but the brown part you see is the head - he can't seem to get that last little bit of stuffing out of there. So next to that, looking bright and perky (or else scared to death) is the elephant. We got that one for him when the sheep started looking pretty bad, but he won't give up on the sheep til he has everything out of it. He has started picking up the elephant a little; in fact, he's chewed a hole in the end of its trunk, but no stuffing out yet. We have all these delightful conversations, like "Well, it didn't take you long to pull that baby's legs off." I hope no one tapes us secretly...LOL!

Peace and love to everyone!

Day 66 - March 7

Pretty cool picture, huh? This was the aquarium in the lobby of Greenway Ford, where Eric and I spent most of the day Monday buying him a car (which we did successfully - YAY!!!) The tank was clear on 2 sides, so you stand in the waiting area, see the fish, and also the receptionist's desk on the other side. I'm not sure how it came out with the reflection from the parking lot, but it looks cool I think.

It was definitely a long day, but I was sooooo happy that I could be there and be a help to Eric in getting his car. I had prayed so hard that there would be an answer to his situation, and it worked out beautifully, thank you God!

We ended up taking his rental car back at about 8:30 pm, then Eric, Rachel and I had Chick-Fil-A for dinner. By the time we got home I was beat!!!!!

Peace and love to everyone!

Day 67 - March 8

This is my "real" camera. It is a Canon Digital Rebel, the first consumer-priced digital SLR on the market. I got it I think almost 8 years ago, but it still does a great job of taking pictures. But I knew it would be hard to get Project 365 pictures if I had to rely on carrying the big camera around, so David got me the little point and shoot, which does a nice job.

Pizza Hut for dinner tonight, then we all watched Glee - pretty racy!

Peace and love to everyone!

Day 68 - March 9

Every year for Christmas, David gets me a day-by-day Mary Engelbreit calendar which goes in the kitchen, and which we all enjoy. This page was not from today, but I have been saving the ones I really loved. This wonderful definition of laziness is one I think I will adopt and make mine...LOL!

Rachel and I went to Centerpeace tonight, and it was especially meaningful as it was the Ash Wednesday service. We had dinner as always, but then went to sit in the regular seating for the service, which included imposition of ashes and communion. Very meaningful!

Peace and love to everyone!

Day 69 - March 10

Today was overcast, cool and raining, a perfect day for snuggling up or sleeping...LOL! I decided to take a picture out the back door to show the rainy day, and then Mr. Squirrel ran into my shot,, so I snapped it quickly to be sure to capture him. He's a little blurry, as he was zipping along, but I think he's still recognizable nonetheless. It's a bit hard to see because I took it through the screen, but if I had opened the door, Luckie would have run out and scared the squirrel right off!

So after much thought, I've decided what I'm going to give up for Lent. First I thought I'd try sugar - but I'm going on a retreat later this month and I imagine there will be sugary things to eat there, so that idea was out. My second idea was to stay away from Facebook - I really think I could have done that, but it would be a lot of Project 365 to catch up with! But then today, as I was paying my bills, it occurred to me that I could give up using my credit cards. That won't be an easy thing to do, but it will have an added benefit of allowing me to stash some money for Rachel's and my summer trip to Oklahoma. credit cards for this girl for 40 days!

Peace and Love to Everyone!

WHEW!  HOORAY, I DID IT, THAT'S ALL THROUGH TODAY!  I'm going to try my best to update these before another month goes by!


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