Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Day of Spring

Howdy friends and neighbors!  Well, it's the waning hours of the last day of spring, and I'll probably still be up at midnight to usher in the first day of summer.  Somebody forgot to tell the thermometers it isn't summer yet, though, as it has been sooooo hot the last couple of weeks!  Surely it won't get worse from here!

I've still been feeling sick today so have spent a lot of the day sleeping, and also reading back entries of a couple of blogs I follow.  So I decided my own little spot in cyberspace could use a hello - HELLO!

Rachel got home from her mission trip yesterday afternoon.  She slept from about 7 pm last night to about 9 am this morning, and I think she's caught up on sleep.  She ran around all afternoon, went to a movie with her mission trip buddies tonight, and now she's going to sleep over at SWAG's house.  Tuesday night her dad is taking her to see Hair at the Bob Carr, and Wednesday afternoon she leaves on the middle school mission trip.

I guess since I'm feeling yukky I have to just blog about my daughter's living out loud instead of my own.  I hope she has the most glorious summer of her life, never to be forgotten!

Peace and love to everyone!


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