Sunday, July 17, 2011

3 Weeks Ago Today

my Daddy died. I was there. I laid my arm next to his on the bed as he slid to Heaven. I will meet him again someday, he is waiting for me. The tears come before I even know I am missing him.

Joyce sent me home with 2 boxes of pictures from Daddy that are real treasures to me. I got them all sorted into loose categories and am now in the process of scanning them. I'm going to post some examples here. You can click on any of these pictures to see a larger copy.

Here's Daddy as a baby, no doubt before he was a year old.

The smile I love!

My grandpa Elmer and his four children Dale, Ruth, Nell Rose, and Vera. Will have to figure out what kind of car that is.

My dad and his 3 sisters again.

Daddy standing on a sort of riding car, holding a little dog. Oh how I wish he was here to tell me the stories that go with this photo!  He was always such an animal lover.

There are several class pictures from grade school. This one says 5th and 6th grade, 1940, so he would have been 10 or 11. He is on the bottom row left side - so adorable!  This is at Midland School, which I believe was in California.  Their family had gone to California during the Dust Bowl years, I think right about the time Daddy started school. You'll notice that in this photo he is wearing shoes, but the 2 boys next to him are barefoot. In some of the earlier grades Daddy was also barefoot. I can't imagine the hard times they must have been suffering.

Not sure where or when this was taken, or who the other guy is, but isn't my Daddy CUTE???

Okay, next time I will post pictures of his Air Force years in Germany.

I love these pictures at the same time they break my heart. He had a hard time in his growing up years, partly because of his mother, partly because it was years and years before anything like attention deficit disorder was thought of, and I know he was looked upon as just an out of control little brat. If he had been born at a later time that might have been dealt with differently. But then I think of Eric, and how he chooses not to look for any physical reasons for his issues, and that's even sadder.  So many things about Daddy remind me of Eric, although I do think Daddy had somewhat more acceptable social skills.

Okay end of pictures for today.

I came across an interesting prompt for a scrapbook page - take a photo of the things you'd take out if your house caught fire, and see how that defines who you are. I have lots of ideas on that, and I think I will work on a page for that.  Watch this space!

This month I've been working on challenges at Sweet Shoppe Designs, not one of my regular scrapbook sites, but the way they do their challenges is very interesting. They don't give out prizes per se, but depending on the number of layouts you do in a month, you're eligible for store discounts up to 40%.  Here are a few of the layouts I've done so far this month for their challenges.

Okay, that's enough for today.  More soon.

Peace and love to everyone!


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