Thursday, July 7, 2011

7/7, The Most Magical Day Of The Year!

So, today when I woke up I decided I needed to spend the day celebrating my birthday in grand style - Daddy would NOT want me to be sad on my birthday! And it has been an absolutely fantastic day! Eric was the first one to call me, and next talked to Mom - Rachel spent the morning doing parallel computing, LOL, and David got me the most beautiful card - he can pick out the perfect one every time!

Pastor Leeann took me out to lunch, and that was really great, she had some very wise things to say to help me with my sadness. After lunch, David and I had a very lovely dip in our pool which lasted until the thunder started. It rained about half an hour later, and as far as I know it's still raining at 11 pm - LOTS of rain!

Oh yes, and when I got home from lunch, these beautiful flowers were on my table!

When I called my mom, she said they were from her and from Daddy, and that they both wanted me to be happy on my special day!  Gee, how could I not be happy? These roses are gorgeous, a dozen red ones and 2 pink ones to represent my parents.  Wow, that's beautiful - speaking of my parents like that is a wonderful feeling!

Okay, so then I hung out with Rachel, and with Eric when he got off work. Eric got me a GREAT card, I laughed my head off! We were going to eat at Azteca for my birthday at around 6:30.

I was all ready to go at 6:15, which is about what time we'd usually leave to get there around 6:30. But Rachel wasn't ready!  I asked her what time we were leaving, and she said "Oh, how about 6:25?" When I didn't respond, she gave me this little smile like "don't ask any questions Mommy!" Then when she finally WAS ready to go, she had her backpack with her, and didn't really have a good explanation when I asked her why.

We get to the restaurant, and David let us out at the front door because it was raining and he had to park a ways away. We got inside, and there were several people waiting to be seated. But Rachel just took my hand and said "come on, we're going in.": Strange, I thought - but didn't have MUCH time to think because she led me to the back room and SURPRISE!  There was a whole long table of my dear friends and family!  Yes, I was definitely surprised - I thought something might be going on with her suspicious behavior before we left, but had no clue it would be this cool!  Here's a picture from my seat at the table:

 All those  people there for me!

Here are my friends Tom and Ginger

And these beautiful women are Quinta, Lisa and Sally

David, Eric and Brett

Ken and Sandra Carter

The dashingly handsome Carter guys, Chris, Andy and Kenny

My loves, Tina, Amber, Stephanie and Rachel

I believe this is a picture of some sort of secret gesturing ritual 

My wonderful husband, who is great at keeping Rachel's plans secret!

My other daughter Tina - I love her!

And my beautiful Rachel, who was the one behind this awesome surprise!

No sweeter kisses than this!

Dinner was fantastic, we had a really great time, lots of talking and laughing and fun. I felt so blessed to have so many of the people I love be there to celebrate my birthday with me.

So today has been an awesome birthday, and with just 6 minutes left, I will close. Thanks to everyone for making this day incredibly special!


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