Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eric Turns 25!

Yesterday, July 12, was a big day - Eric turned 25 years old! It just doesn't seem possible. I have perfect sense memory of what that day, that birth, was like, and it couldn't have been that long ago! But when I look at the wonderful man he is learning to be, I realize that yes, it has been that long. And he is still my zany, fun-loving little boy, as you can see from this picture:

He ate the candle, I ate the cake!

Brett arranged, and treated us to, a wonderful dinner at Kobe's on Kirkman Road. Attending were: of course the birthday boy and his mom (me), David, Brett, Tom, Mary, Susan, Pop and Katie. We had a great time, great food, great company, great laughs - pretty iffy service, but that's not what it was about anyway. Eric seemed to be having a great time, and that's what makes ME the happiest, when my kiddos are happy. Happy Quarter Century dear son!

I'm having kind of a hard time coming here to write. Pretty much everything on my mind these days has to do with Daddy. He's not out of my mind at all, really. It's funny, I didn't see him very often, but I always knew he was there. All my mind remembers is that I could always pick up the phone and he would be there, and he would tell me "I love you punkin." I think that, even through the years that were really, really hard, I never doubted he loved me. There were times when I worried that he wouldn't show up for something in my life, but I always have known how much he loved me - at least that's how I think now.

It's a very special memory to me that he came to see me shortly after the birth of both of my children. Eric was a week old when Daddy drove up to see us. Mom was there to help me out, and we had a wonderful day together. I have some pictures of Daddy holding Eric somewhere, I will find and post them. With Rachel, it was when she was about a month old, but he lived in Oklahoma and I lived in Florida, so it wasn't such an easy drive. In fact, he and Joyce had just gotten remarried, and that was their honeymoon trip, the drive to Florida to see Rachel. They only stayed one night, but it was wonderful. I also have a picture somewhere of Daddy and Joyce holding baby Rachel, I'll have to find that one too.

I've started going through the pictures that Joyce gave me, and there are some amazing ones there. I am particularly happy with a LOT of pictures that were taken of him when he was in the Air Force in Germany in 1949. He was a jet mechanic, very handsome, and probably partying his days away. There are some wonderful family pics as well, and a detailed genealogy of my paternal grandfather's family. There also was a small dress in a plastic bag marked "Dale" - not sure if that was a christening gown or something. I will ask my Aunt Ruth. I am going to write her tomorrow.

Guess it's good for me to write this stuff, because once it starts it's hard to get it to stop.

Peace and love to everyone! 


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