Friday, July 29, 2011

Having a Good Idea?

Hmmm....maybe I am. Let me tell you about it.

My daddy was a Methodist preacher - what is called a "local preacher." He had not been to seminary, but was trained and certified in the duties of a minister, including administering sacraments, but this was limited to his church only. His church was a very small church in Tuskahoma, Oklahoma.  I'm not sure how many years he was the preacher there, but it was a bunch.

Prior to this, my daddy had lived a pretty rough life, but when he found Jesus again, he made a complete 180. This was a miracle, and it made the difference in years filled with love and joy rather than years of pain and emptiness.

An important part of Daddy's day was reading the Upper Room daily devotional - Upper Room is a Methodist publishing company, and the devotionals have been a part of their literature as long as I can remember. At some point, Daddy decided that he would write a commentary on each day's Upper Room devotional and send it out via an email list. I'm not sure when he started - I started receiving these emails in early February 2005.  Most days I read them, sometimes I just filed them away, but I always kept them in my Gmail mailbox - if any of them got deleted it was purely by accident. And when I looked at this mailbox after he died, turns out I had almost 1600 of these daily devotionals saved.

So, I've been compiling them into word processing documents with the thought of having them printed in a book. These emails are so beautiful - a testimony of how strong he was spiritually, and how much he loved us that he'd reach out to us every day with these wonderful words. Daddy was an amazing writer - his writing is easy to understand, always spelled and punctuated correctly, often included examples from his life that applied to the devotional as he saw it.

As I've been compiling these emails, it has occurred to me what an amazing legacy he has left for us. And when I carry that thought one step further, I wonder if I could carry on that legacy myself? I don't think it would be nearly as meaningful for me to write a commentary on Upper Room devotionals, but I could write something about something. Now keep in mind he did this every day - sometimes he missed Sundays, and there were blocks of time when he was hospitalized or too ill to do it - but basically he did it every day. So that's a big commitment - not so much a time commitment but just a commitment to a routine. And GASP! - I might not be able to do it perfectly, but even if it wasn't perfect, wouldn't it be a wonderful legacy for me to leave? It's how I see my scrapbooking now.  Unless we win the lottery or a Brinks truck crashes into our swimming pool, I won't have money or jewels to leave to my children. But I can share the gift of myself, starting today (or tomorrow maybe).  Hopefully it will mean something to others, but I am sure it will mean a lot to me.  I will feel as though I'm carrying on my daddy's legacy.

I am planning to set up a different blog for this, rather than an email list. A blog will be something that I can have printed easily, as opposed to compiling a lot of emails. And then if anyone is interested they can follow the blog as I make new posts.

So, this is my plan. I don't plan to neglect this blog, just have the other one where I can post my daily commentary on whatever it is I decide to comment on.

So, I'm excited!

Peace and love to everyone!


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