Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Pictures

When last I posted, I think I said I would upload some of the pictures from my daddy's Air Force days, so here goes:

This newspaper clipping is from when he was in Korea. The other ones are from when he was at Furstenfeldbruck Air Force Base in Germany.

I LOVE this one!  You can see here that his job was jet mechanic, though what he always wanted was to pilot planes himself.

So those are the highlights of the Air Force pictures. Next time I'll post some of his family.

Here are 2 scrapbook layouts I've done, both with pictures of Daddy and his 3 younger sisters, and the second one with my grandpa too:

It is so meaningful to me to have these pictures, although they bring up millions of questions, and I so wish I could ask them of him. Nonetheless they are treasures to me.

I was going to go to a Griefshare group at my church tonight but have not been feeling well today, so will go next week.

Peace and love to everyone!


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