Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Information

Hi!  First I'm going to post a picture, here 'tis:

I have no idea who was taking this particular photo, but it's a photo of my mom, dad, sister Tamera, brother Michael, and Aunt Cliff. I can see legs just to the other side of Tamera, so maybe Randy and I were in the shot too. My Aunt Ruth said this was taken in Clayton, OK, so probably was at Aunt Cliff and Uncle Ted's house - Aunt Cliff was my granny (Jesse)'s sister.  I love the creativity and perspective of this photo!  This would have been about the summer of 1966 - Michael was born in late November and it's obviously summer in this photo - nice legs, socks and shorts Daddy, LOL!

So new info!  Yesterday I was talking to Aunt Vera on the phone. She was telling me that when my parents separated and my mom decided to go back to college, my Granny Sullivan was very upset, and wanted very much to help out. So Aunt Vera said she got either one or two bushel baskets and went to her huge garden, and filled the baskets with produce for us. Then she took the bus to bring them to us in Midwest City. I don't remember that, and Mom doesn't either, but it's such a wonderful happy story, to know that she would do that for us. I am collecting happy memories of my Granny Sullivan, well collecting happy memories about lots of people, that's for sure.

I spoke to Mom on the phone late this afternoon.  She told me that the Bishop of the Oklahoma United Methodist Conference was preaching at their church today. He was going around chatting with people before the service, and Mom talked to him about Daddy.  He knew Daddy well, he said, and had told him that after his retirement from Tuskahoma that he felt sure he could steer him toward fill-in preaching situations, which I don't think he actually had time to do. Mom said to the Bishop that Daddy was a miracle, and the Bishop said yes, you could see that shining in his eyes. It is a huge comfort to me to hear yet another example of how much my Daddy was loved.

So far I'm 3 for 3 in posting on the new Sherry's Daily Words. At this point, with commenting on the readings from Healing After Loss, it's mostly just more reflection on how I am feeling as I'm making up my new life map. It's not writing that is intended to help others like Daddy's commentaries were. Oh well, I still have a while to go.

Peace and love to everyone!


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