Sunday, August 28, 2011

My New Passion!

Yes, I have an exciting new passion, and it's called Zentangles! Here's a definition:

A Zentangle is a form of artistic meditation that uses repetitive patterns to create images.

A zentangle is usually done in black and white and the patterns have a rhythm. The ideal is to let yourself be carried away by the creative process and allow the design to grow organically.

It is VERY relaxing, VERY creative, VERY fun! I sort of kind of knew what they were, but I went to an Art Journal chat on Friday and we got to talking about this topic, so I looked it up. Here's an example of a Zentangle:

Each little section is a different pattern, and there are many, many different patterns on the internet with instructions on how to draw them - and they are very simple to draw. So my plan is this. Yesterday I bought a Micron 0.5 pen, which is what is recommended. And I also had a Strathmore Windpower Sketch Book size 6.25 x 8.5 with 60 lb paper (70 sheets). I am going to learn different patterns by doing a whole page of a single pattern, then next page, next pattern. That way when I am ready to do a real Zentangle with all these patterns I will have at least a clue of what I'm doing! So, watch this space for more fun, I might even post my pattern drawings, I've done 4 now and they aren't half bad!

Even though I have this new passion, my other passion for scrapbooking has not subsided at all. In the Art Journal Caravan this month, we are each creating a self-portrait page which will then be compiled into a book that can either be printed or looked at digitally. Here's mine:

Click to see a bigger version. I had a lot of fun making this, and am happy with the way it turned out.

There's a fairly new trend in digital scrapbook communities, and that is to make a small signature image to go at the end of your posts. (In fact, I keep thinking I'll make one for my blogs too.) I made this one for Scrapbookgraphics - I  made it with Lorie Davison's Watermelon Summer kit, which I love, but especially so because it has these cute little elephants in it!  Here's the siggie:

Cute, huh? I pretty much am having to make one for each store that I post at using their products. Maybe next time I'll have a siggie for the blogs!

Okay, off to practice more Zentangles!

Peace and love to everyone!


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