Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pictures...Yes, Again

What would my life be without pictures? So much of who I am is tied up in pictures, ones I take, ones others take, turning them into scrapbooks, finding fun ways to share them with others, finding ways to preserve their memories for my future descendants.

Since Daddy's death, I have been talking on the phone to his 3 sisters, Aunt Ruth, Aunt Vera and Aunt Nellie. I was close to them when I was little, but have been out of touch with them for many, many years. I'm sorry for the reason but am so happy to be talking to them again. Of course, they know basically nothing at all of my life, or my siblings, for many years, and asked me to send them some pictures. I started going through recent pictures and found 50 of my favorites...LOL! Yes, that's a lot, but it could easily have been 500!

So, Walgreens is having a sale on prints this week for 10 cents, so I can get them all copied affordably. And then I thought of ways I could communicate the story of these pictures simply. I could have written on the backs of all of them - but to do that 3 times would be incredibly boring and my handwriting would turn out crummy if I was bored. So I decided to put labels on the pictures that told who was in the photo and what was happening!  I'm going to include a few here so you can see what I'm talking about. You may have to click on the photo to actually be able to read the words.

Yes, you definitely have to click on the picture to see the words.  But they will be readable when they are printed out, and I am quite satisfied with this way of communicating about the pictures. And I did it without deciding I needed to make a 50-page scrapbook in a week!

David and I are going to St. Petersburg Saturday to see Aunt Vera and her husband Scott, and I am so excited about this. I have not seen her in almost 10 years, and I really need to make contact with her right now, it will be very important for both of us. So more on that after Saturday.

Peace and love to everyone!


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