Thursday, August 11, 2011


This is my younger sister Tamera. She is very special to me, and I love her so much. She has had a lot of health problems over the last years, but recently she's had much more than her share of things happening to her physically that just should not happen.

Tomorrow she's going to have a stent removed that was placed a few months back after a botched cholecystectomy. If all goes well, this will be removed via endoscopy, all the complications from the bad gall bladder complications will be resolved, and she will be home by this time tomorrow night, sleeping off the effects of the anesthetic and moving toward a more healthy place in her life. She's very scared, and that is completely understandable with all the things that have gone wrong. My energy tonight is focused on seeing her full of health and light, with a happy belly and a peaceful mind.  She deserves to be out of pain.

Tonight was the final episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 8. David and I have watched every minute of this season together. We were afraid he was going to have to work tonight and that we would have to watch a taped version of the finale, but turns out he didn't, so we watched the taped version of last night's performance show, then were ready for the live finale at 8 pm. It was a wonderful show, with many repeats of memorable moments of the season. I hoped that Sasha would win - she is an amazing dancer, a beautiful woman, an inspiration. The winner, in the end, was Melanie - also a strong dancer, beautiful woman, and an inspiration. I was almost as happy to see her win as I would have been if Sasha had won. I predict they will both have amazing dancing careers, along with many of the other contestants of this season.
Peace and love to everyone - and if you need any help spending that quarter mil, Melanie, just give me a call!


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