Thursday, December 8, 2011


BRRRRRR!!!  Baby, it's COLD outside! Taking into consideration my weather wimp status, it is STILL cold as heck out there.  Take a look at this:

See that temperature? It's 42 degrees, though it feels like 36. Come on people, this is paradise, it is not supposed to be this cold ever!

Okay, weather rant completed. In other news, I'm still unpacking Christmas decorations. I WANT TO BE FINISHED! Maybe tomorrow. Or who knows, maybe today?

I think I mentioned that I now write daily posts for two scrapbooking blogs. These are fun and also challenging, as I have to come up with something unique to say about a scrapbook layout for each of the blogs, and it obviously can't be the same thing every day. So that is at least a small writing challenge for me. Now I'm adding a new challenge for myself. At this point I am quite the prolific reader, some of which is "fluff" reading, and some a bit more serious, although nothing truly heavy-duty. I am going to learn to write proper book reviews for the non-fluff books I read. I can post reviews on both Good Reads ( (that's for you, Santa!) and on I enjoy reading the well-thought-out reviews on this site, and I think I will benefit from this new writing challenge for myself. It's a shame that my theme word for 2011 was "write," and I'm just now getting somewhat revved up, but at least it is still 2011.

So my first book to review is called The Heart Specialist by Claire Holden Rothman. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a link to the this space!

Okay, back to my snuggling blanket and my warm little puppy!


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