Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

Well, I missed November altogether, but here it is December 1st (or oneth, as my dear Santa hubby always says to me!) and I can start afresh. Isn't that just the greatest thing about life? We can start afresh every single day - even every single minute! Don't have to wait for anything, just start a new page right now!

So I have this wonderful assignment from Silvia Romeo's creative team. I get to pick a layout done with one of her gorgeous digiscrap kits and feature it every day on her blog, with a little write-up to go along with it. And I do this Monday through Friday, every week, rain or shine. So I'm already in the Blogger program, and I keep wondering why the heck I don't just write on my own blog after I'm done with Silvia's? If anyone can answer that question for me, please leave it in comments. Otherwise I'll try it as a new challenge and see what I can come up with.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we had the BEST holiday weekend! We spent Thanksgiving with Bear and Miriam at their house, enjoying more of her delightful and delicious delicacies in the Thanksgiving theme, then sitting around laughing and talking and just relishing each other's company.  Here's a great shot of the four of us:

Oops wait, wrong photo, LOL! Well, you can see Miriam's expert work at carving our Mr. Turkey Gobbler. She had marinated him in brine, and he was SO tender and delicious!!!

Here's David, enjoying a piece of Mim's highly delicious Pumpkin Cheesecake with whipped topping...mmmm mmmm GOOD! David is always happy to be a desert tester any day!

And here we have beautiful Mim cutting my Thanksgiving contribution pecan pie. I may not be remembered as a great cook in general, but there are many people who will remember me for my pecan pies!

NOW here's the photo of the four of us! I love this, I even like me in this one! I take my camera almost every time we go to Miriam and Bear's house, and mostly I never even turn it on. This time, not only did I turn it on, I set up the camera on the tripod that I got from Daddy (and that thrilled me!) and re-figured out how to take photos with the timer on my camera, and ran and sat down in plenty of time to look like I wasn't scurrying to get in the pose, right?

So that was our Thanksgiving Day...I am so thankful for my family and friends!

Black Friday came around, but we didn't do a single bit of shopping...whew! I am not the least bit of a Black Friday shopping fan, believe me, although I have in the past waited in long lines in freezing weather (in Oklahoma, not Orlando) to help my sister get a good deal on a computer, and I'm not going to rule out the possibility of such activity in the future either.  Our big Black Friday celebration was this. We went back to Bear and Miriam's house in the afternoon, where she fed us wonderful turkey leftovers as well as freshly made and delicious homemade macaroni and cheese with tomatoes on top. Although I long to live near Miriam, I would be as big as a house after about a month of eating her cooking more regularly. Then we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios to meet up with Margaret, Meghann and Dean to see the Osborne Family lights...what an amazing spectacle that was!  Here are a few pictures from that:

David took this one down the main street

 He also took this one of me (obviously) LOL
 I got this shot of Miriam and Bear - I really love this!
 Here's David, me and Margaret - she is just recovering from being seriously ill, doesn't she look fabulous?
Here's the gang (except for me the photographer) - Meaghann, Dean, David, Miriam, Margaret, Bear
 A few of the lights in general - David's camera did a much better job of the lights than mine did.
 Beautiful nativity
 Santa being hauled away in the paddy wagon - so wrong on so many levels!
 Arf Arf let us in!!!

 This should have been the first picture, but it was the last one I took.

The final big event of my Thanksgiving weekend was to go to the shooting range with Eric on Saturday morning, and we had a really great time. I can hit the target most every time with his .22, and  even get it within the lines of the bulls eye too, though not really in the center. I have such fun doing this with him!

So there, now I did it, a blog post! Back to real life to do something worth writing about, LOL!

Peace and love to everyone!


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