Saturday, December 10, 2011


Saturday has dawned sunny and beautiful here in Paradise - er, Orlando.  The temperature is pleasant, the sun is shining, there's a light breeze - no sign of winter today, and that's fine with me!

Today is the full moon, which is a time that I always remember the full moon day when Santa and I were married.  One of the most magical days of my life for sure!  And many more happy moons to come, I have no doubt.

No book reviews yesterday - I did finish a Sarah Paretsky/VI Warshawski book, Guardian Angel, but it's more in the "fluff" category than something I want to review. I did add it to my list in Goodreads, though.  Now I'm reading another fluff book, but also a book called The Taker, which has me mesmerized, can't wait to get to the point of reviewing that one! Knowing I'm going to write a review has me reading it a bit differently, and in a good way too.

So enough dull and boring blog posts with no pictures - here's one of Santa a couple of years ago:

He's such a wonderful husband! He says I don't even have to worry about being on the naughty list, that I'm always good - that's a lot of love to say that about somebody! (And obviously not really that true, but I'm glad that's how he sees me!)

Here's another photo from this week.  David posed for these pictures for an artist he works with, and the hat is his artistic creation, made from copper.  The money on the hat is Million Dollar Bills - that has something to do with the artistic creation but I can't remember what.

There he is, my husband, man of many hats - don't forget the crown he wears to make a living in!

This morning we are going to take Jackiebird to the Birdy Beauty Shop to have her wings and nails clipped. She has just grown the wings she needs to fly, which makes it dangerous for her to be out if the ceiling fans are on. Also, she's had 2 incidents in the last couple of days where she flew to where Luckie was, including one where she landed on his back for a brief second. There is no love lost between Jackie and Luckie, and I think Luckie would literally bite her in half if she got too close when I wasn't there to monitor the situation.  Much better to have clipped wings. I'm going to inquire about a new cage as well, she's been in this one 9 years. Don't know how birds do with new cages so I'll ask The Bird Store folks.

It was a sad morning for Santa Claus...his routine involves reading the newspaper and doing the crossword puzzle every morning, 7 days a week, rain or shine. This morning his paper was not here when he got up, and it took them at least 3 hours to get it here.  But he handled it well, didn't hit anybody or anything. He is definitely a creature of habit though!

Okay, off to the races, peace and love to everyone!


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