Sunday, January 22, 2012

About Time!

Well, Santa told me it was December 11 the last time I posted here, and darn if he wasn't right!  That's really sad, as I'm still blogging every Monday through Friday for two of my favorite scrapbook designers, and all I have to do is just push one more button and blog on my own!  Oh well, the road to hell and all.....  If you want to see the blogs I'm posting on, here they are:

Beth Rimmer - Creative Chaos

Silvia Romeo Designs

I really enjoy these blog writings, gives me a tiny way to exercise my creative writing fingers.  BUT!  I am going to exercise those fingers in a much bigger way come February 1!  I am taking a writing workshop called Verb Tribe with the wonderful writer Patti Digh, and I can't wait!  Patti is the author of Life Is A VerbCreative Is A VerbWhat I Wish For You, and Four-Word Self Helps.  I believe this is the first online writing workshop she's conducted, and I am so excited to be a part of it.  It's designed to help create a daily writing practice, something I've wanted for a very, very long time.  I believe I will come away from this successful.

I'm also doing an art journaling workshop at Brave Girls Club.  This is a wonderful, life-affirming site that has meant so much to me, and I'm happy to get to do this class.  If you poke around on their site, they also have a daily Brave Girls email that is a reminder of all the wonderful things we are and do - it's something I read every day without fail.  The art journaling workshop involves actually making art with paper and paint and Mod Podge and pictures and so much fun stuff that I've never tried - I can do it too!  It's amazing how much feeling and emotion can be expressed and discovered this way.

If you are wondering how it is that I am accomplishing these things (plus another big thing I'll talk about in a minute) it's that I am feeling sooooo wonderful!  For probably the last six weeks, I've had energy and vitality that I haven't felt since I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome almost four years ago.  It is nothing short of miraculous, and I am enjoying every minute of it - I'm not hyper about taking on too much, but just making good use of the time and energy I'm feeling.  I know that sometimes CFS can go into a state of "remission," but I also know that it can go away altogether.  I'll just let time tell which one it is for me.  I'm really happy living one day at a time.

With all these good things happening, it's unbelievable that I would have anything else going on and still have enough time to sleep (and I AM still sleeping 8 hours a night!).  But I have a new obsession that I spend so much time with!  Santa and I each got a new iPhone 4S for Christmas.  I've been waiting so long for the iPhone to come to Sprint so I could get one, so we didn't have to change carriers.  And frankly it was the camera I was most excited about - it actually does place and receive phone calls, a unique feature of a camera, don't you think? LOL!  I've been reading and practicing, took a workshop on iPhoneography earlier this month, playing with several photo apps, and having the BEST time!  I am posting pictures on Instagram - as livingoutloud77, if you participate there - and slowly but surely getting "likes" for my pictures and "followers" for my feed, with the invaluable assistance of Santa's daughter Anna, YAY ANNA!  The man who led the iPhoneography workshop talked about how cell phone photography is a new art form that really allows almost anyone to be creative at any time - I don't remember the statistic, but there are an amazing number of people with camera phones, and having a camera at your fingertips all the time lets you take advantage of a multitude of photo ops.  Try it you'll like it!

I am going to show you just a few of my photos here, maybe more later - I've taken over 200 photos already, which is just a bit much for one blog post, right? LOL!  Some of these I've posted on Instagram, some are just fun memories.

This is a picture of my son Eric's spider web tattoo that he has on his elbow.  The picture was processed in a photo app called Percolator, which is lots of fun to play with.

One of the things I've actually had energy to tackle was working with Santa to clean out our garage - it had a LOT of boxes left from our move 2 years ago, and we needed it to get cleaned up.  Here's the before shot - we still have a little bit to do before I'm ready to share the After shot.

Here's my sweet little Luckie dog posing so cute and giving me a big smile!  This was my first Instagram picture that got 10 "likes" - that is nothing compared to people who get 500 likes on their pictures, but it's my first so I'll always love it!

Santa's daughter Anna and her husband sent us the most delicious treats for Christmas - Fairy Tale Brownies!!!  The brownies and cookies in this package were absolutely amazing - we've made them last too, I just ate the last brownie today (sorry Santa and Rachel!).

Here's a shot of Santa, about 3 minutes into the New Year of 2012, sipping champagne in front of the tree.  I tried to get a picture of both of us but it turned out BAD!

This picture could be called "Reincarnation!"  A few days before Christmas, Rachel's electric piano died, a very sad event for all of us.  You can tell from the picture that this is not a cheap keyboard, it is a fine electronic instrument.  We didn't know if it could be fixed, but turns out it could, and at a pretty reasonable cost too.  The repair guy came out and removed the computer board, then ordered another one to replace it, and in this photo he's getting the new one put back in.  He also fixed another problem, one of the keys in the lower range sounded about three times as loud as all the other keys, and now it's the perfect volume again.  So Rachel is now back to her daily piano playing - YAY!!!

Here's Santa and his sister Jane - they took us to Seasons 52 to celebrate Santa's birthday, and we had a fantastic dinner with great company - thanks Jane and Ron!  Do they look like they are related or what???

Okay, that's all the patience I have for uploading photos tonight - I have lots more to share, ensuring that I will have material for more blog posts, right?

I had hoped to share a video of Rachel playing piano with the youth worship band at our church, but it's taking forEVer to upload, so,  maybe tomorrow.

That's it for today!  I'll be back soon!  Peace and love to everyone!


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