Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Dream Job

The title of my dream job is "Transitions Specialist."  In this job I am present with people in transition - much of it is related to females, but men are welcome too.  Transitions such as birth (with mother, father, baby or any combination of the above, also older siblings), onset of menstruation (mother and/or daughter), onset of menopause (woman), graduations, wedding (bride), breakup of relationship (woman), religious ceremonies (man or woman), retirement (man or woman), loss of a pet (anyone) and death (dying man or woman, family, friends).  This would involve just being present for people, holding their hand if appropriate, grounding them in the moment, help with fighting through fear, helping to recognize and act out joy.  I would not be a consultant on how to experience these life-changing events, just with how to be grounded in the moment and experience the most growth.  To me, having someone holding my hand during major life events like these would be tremendously meaningful.  I put out my intention to the universe and ask that the opportunity be given to me in a way that I can be of greatest assistance.

I can become a hospice volunteer to realize part of this dream, and I know that can be an all-encompassing experience, and even though lengthy is definitely transitional in its most succinct definition.  In fact, I don't see this as a traditional paid profession, rather an exchange of energy, where I give my support, love, attention and intention, and my clients give whatever might mean the most in return.  Ultimately I will gain as much or more than I give, by experiencing life in its crossroads moments, and my life will be deeply enriched as a result.

It's obviously not something to be advertised in the Orlando Sentinel or Craigslist.  I hope by writing this intention in a place that goes out to the world in whatever way, that I will be placed in the situations that allow me to be of the most help.

Peace and love to everyone!


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