Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something Completely Different...

Yes, blog fans, today it's time for something different.  I am going to write about something other than book summaries and Instagram photos.

Today I'm exploring edges - an edge could be the edge of a door, or the edge of the pavement, or the edge of a knife. Or it could be the edge of my sorrow, or the edge of my joy.  So far today I've seen the edge of my knowledge, the edge of my hearing, the edge of my tolerance (or my intolerance, as the case may be), the edge of my bed, the edge of my oatmeal, the edge of the bird's cage. Life is full of edges.

What happens, then, besides just noticing edges?  Patti Digh tells us that the edge is where we learn the most.  If I'm at the edge of the pavement, I will learn about the grass.  If I'm at the edge of my knowledge, I'll learn about the huge vistas of learning (not including Google searches).

I have not seen the edge of my love.  That feels boundless and wide open to me.  But I can look backwards and remember some love-edges, and wish they were not there.

At one time I wanted to live an "edgey" life, and was certain what that meant to me at the time.  I still want to live that life, but it's a different meaning today - today it is, as Patti said, a place to learn more about me, my boundaries, my resistances, my freedoms - is there an edge to my freedom?  Good question.  For the bird, the edge of her cage represents her entry into freedom.  Maybe my own freedom has the same edge, that of the cage that I insist on constructing around myself regardless of the opportunities open to me.  And the edge of the knife - is that to create new edges on a block of cheese, or does it represent the edge of my destruction...or the edge of my creativity?

When I look around, I can see the edge of my faith.  Complete faith sounds enticing to me, but I'm quite aware of these edges.  Can God really restore me to sanity, or is that an edge that I cannot be brought back from?  I think (and therein lies the problem) that if I had enough faith, there would be no question.

The power greater than myself
which many call God, as do I,
shows me edges and borders,
always with doors opened.
Why do I brace myself hard,
hands clutching, arms rigid,
to avoid moving through at all cost?

Maybe through that doorway,
surpassing those edges,
lies peace and protection,
joy without measure,
light never-ending,
love, no conditions,
strong arms to hold me,
blessings eternal.


Peace and love to everyone


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