Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter - AGAIN?

Well, maybe I overreacted a bit LOL!  Today Luckie and I set off for our daily walk, which is really moving up there - I started my Map My Walk app to see just how far we were walking, haven't done that in a while.  But before the final step of harnessing Himself, I put on TWO sweatshirts (it was 55 degrees and slightly breezy, after all!), one of which had a hood, and a crocheted cap that someone made for Rachel, because if my head is warm, the rest of me isn't so cold.  Oh yes, sweat pants and sneakers too, LOL!  So here we are, toodling along, and I'm getting HOT!  I guess 55 degrees is warmer than I thought.  And not only was my head warm, it was DRENCHED with sweat!  So I came to a dead stop, pulled off the hat, stuffed it under my sweatshirt since I didn't have an available pocket (which gave me an absolutely charming shape, I'm sure), put the hood back up and resumed our walk.  So, walk walk walk walk, walk walk walk walk...I was listening to "The Goldfinch" and wasn't doing much drifting off thinking.  But suddenly it occurred to me - my glasses were tucked into the neck of my sweatshirt when I started the walk - and checking, there were NO glasses!  Grrrrrr!!!  I didn't want to turn around, I wanted to walk the whole route I had planned.  I was standing there on the sidewalk feeling myself up and down, hoping against hope that they had somehow lodged inside the sweatshirt (nah).  Then I did the same thing 2 or 3 more times with the same sad result.  So - about face, forward march.  It was a LONG way back that I did the cap/hood switch, but I wasn't sure exactly where I did it.  Luckily, I had The Goldfinch to keep me occupied and keep me from grumbling at myself.  But the farther we went, the more I thought I wasn't going to find them.  I thought about the fact that I *do* have contacts I can wear, but I can't see to use the computer if I'm wearing them, and I can't see the TV without them, and how long would it take me to get a new pair of glasses anyway?  But I kept going and lo and behold, there were my glasses, shining brightly in the afternoon sun, saying "ha ha suckah, your best laid plans just went awry!"  It didn't matter though, I was just happy to have the glasses back.  I only take the glasses on the walk to make sure there aren't any wild dogs charging us - I don't even wear them on my nose, I keep them on my head when it's not covered in hats and hoods!  But all's well, glasses are home, we walked 2.36 miles at a pace of 19.1 minutes per mile (which is way off because of all the time I spent stopping and panicking, besides all the stops Luckie has to make to check his peemail).  Tomorrow I will take the (new) regular route, with my glasses stowed somewhere safely, and see how far that route is.

In other news, yesterday I was working on my apparently lifelong quest to move info from Old Computer to Newish Computer.  I was moving the My Documents folder, and took a few minutes to poke around there to see what I could possibly have from 10 years ago that I still needed.  Well!  I came upon a folder of writing from a Creative Writing class I took at Valencia - and there was actually some writing in there!  Not GREAT writing, but several things that could be the basis for something better, maybe even novel material?  I was really excited - how is it that I can forget about things I write?  Does Steven King go back to Carrie and wonder if it was really him who wrote those words? (Well maybe that's not a good example since he has admitted he doesn't remember writing his first 6 novels in an alcohol-drug haze).

Peace and love to everyone!


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