Saturday, February 10, 2018

In The Fullness of Time

It has been 4 years and 23 days since I have written in my blog. That's a really long time, huh? I wouldn't even have a clue where to start to catch you up with my life, so all will be revealed as it comes. Watch for surprises!

I am now in my 5th day of feeling really great physically and mentally, which is a state I don't often get to experience - and to get to feel this way 5 days in a row is magical! And some amazing things have happened the last few days that I'm going to tell you about so what is that, coincidence? Or the universe responding to a change in my attitude, which comes about because I feel so great? There are moments of an angry voice that wants to be heard: This is how you should feel all the time. This is what chronic fatigue syndrome has robbed you of for the past 10 years. But I can soothe it and let it  be calm. I refuse to let anything rob me of this feeling.

First thing that happened: On Wednesday I went back to water aerobics at the gym, my first time back since October when I went to Oklahoma to help mom with her knee surgery. I was standing in the pool waiting for class to start when I heard someone say Sherry? I looked over, and it was Natalie! Natalie is the mom of Hannah, who was Rachel's best friend since she was 3 years old at Kids R Kids. The girls did everything together up until either 4th or 5th grade, when Hannah decided to devote significant time to basketball, and their paths sort of grew apart then, but they remained close and in touch. Anyway, for years Natalie and I spent time together at school activities, girl scouts, parties, campouts, holidays, so many wonderful memories. Hannah has a twin brother, Matthew, and he was also involved in many of the things the girls did. Natalie and I never really did anything that didn't involve Rachel and the twins, but I certainly considered her a good friend. So I was so thrilled to see her at the gym! We had a short time to catch up on family news which was nice, and she says she is planning to come to class on Monday, Wednesday and  Friday, which is when I am planning to come as well, so we will have more chances to see each other. I will invite her to coffee or lunch or both.

Then Thursday, THIS fabulousness happened:

Well not that exactly LOL! What did happen is that I got to have lunch with this woman, who is Eveleena, the princess at Medieval Times, who is hugging David, my husband, here. I have known Eveleena "from afar" for all the time I've known David - he comes home and tells me things that happen at work, although I'm sure it's much abbreviated and does not include secrets promised to be kept! I have always had a tremendous respect and admiration for her - she totally embodies my own "living out loud" philosophy and I love that about her. So I was really really looking forward to lunch with her!  And it was as easy as you could possibly want - we talked like we'd always known each other. Of course, we had lots of subject matter regarding David, all good of course (winking at David) but it was easy to branch off and talk about anything else we wanted. Eveleena is as good at listening as she is at talking, she's honest, caring, open, thoughtful, intelligent, and I had a really good time. We ate at the Dandelion Cafe which I love but rarely get to go there. And we have to go out again, because I bought lunch this time so she has to buy next time so therefore there has to BE a next time, right? I hope she's as pleased with that prospect as I am!

Friday we had a visit from Rachel and Riley! The dogs were happy to see the people, and of course Riley and Luna played their hearts out! They do so many things to make us laugh, they certainly bring lots of joy!

Near the end of their visit, Eric brought out this branch he had cut off the tree. The dogs were in  heaven! Luna, on the right, had the sawed off end, which was a knot, and she made short work of chewing that into pulp. Riley on the left had the end that terminated in branches and she was chomping those things right off. They were so in heaven, so content! Eric commented that it looked like he should be able to pick up the stick and they would hang on like the weights on a barbell! But that's not gonna work, Riley weighs twice as much as Luna does.

The two girls hate to say goodbye to each other, but it wasn't too bad this time. Maybe because Riley gets to ride home in Rachel's wonderful new car and she loves where she rides! And Luna had Eric with her, and nothing is bad when Eric is there!

Luckie wanted to come out to play so badly! He stood looking out the sliding glass doors, and Eric had propped the patio door open so he could see Riley and Luna. He would not have lasted 2 seconds with them - they were playing hard, wrestling and chasing each other with no regard for smaller things, which would include Luckie, he'd be run over like with a steamroller. But nevertheless, every time I went in the house for any reason, he was bouncing all around and jumping on things like he wanted me to know that he could keep up with the big dogs. Yeah right, little buddy! Not this time!

Friday night Eric cooked dinner, a wonderful gyros dinner that was so delicious! When Eric cooks, nothing is prepackaged, everything is prepared lovingly from scratch, never rushed. We feel very blessed to be beneficiaries of his cooking skills! Eric lives with us now, that is new in the last 4 years, and Luna is his dog so of course she lives here too. Luna is very well trained, very mellow, very easy to live with, so that makes it nice. I treasure the time I get to spend with my children, and this time with Eric is precious to me.

So, rambling and chatty as usual, right? LOL! I guess that's just how this blog is.  BUT! This is not the only way I can write. And I'm actually going to prove it. And no, you don't have to wait for the book I really am going to write someday, I really am. I will prove it by starting a new blog! This one will be my writer's blog, the one that is going to help sell my books, someday, off in the way off distant future, probably too far over the horizon to even be seen with a telescope. So I will approach it in a somewhat more serious manner - it is going to reflect me, so it's not going to be all THAT serious, but it will not be chatting about my life, rather addressing matters of writerly interest. So watch this space and I will give you the url when it has content - right now it's just quivering in its virginal state waiting for its, if you will.

Okay that's all. I'm going to post this before I cause a disaster. Somehow my best skill in this editor is deleting text. Peace and love to everyone!


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